Nikon Z9: The New Nikon Flagship

Nikon has continued to make leaps and bounds in its improvements to mirrorless cameras, and while it was a bit of a late start to the mirrorless world, it’s clear that it’s hit the ground running. The Nikon Z9 is proof of this, Nikon’s new flagship when it comes to […]

Best Continuous Light For Photography: SmallRig RC 220B

One of the most important elements when taking photography (or, in this case, video too), is light. Almost at the same level of importance as the camera itself and the lens, light plays an important role in the final result of our photos or videos. On past occasions I have […]

Photojournalism: The News in Images

photojournalism it is more important than ever in this digital world of fake news, photomontages and social networks, where it seems that anyone with a camera in hand is capable of guiding the opinion of many. The rigor, ethics and informative will of press photography is essential to understand the […]

Nikon Z7: Why is it a Safe Bet?

The Nikon Z7 It is a very robust full-frame mirrorless camera, with a good grip and finishes that are up to the task of the most demanding photographers. It has been on the market for some time now, demonstrating by evidence that it is not just another camera, but one […]

DJI Mavic Mini in the Palm of Your Hand

Maybe you find it strange that we make an article with the drone DJI Mavic Mini which came out over two years ago. But it is that in Photographer’s Blog we like to talk to you about products that have been widely tested and welcomed by users that you can […]