How to add wireless charging to an old iPhone?


iPhone models that integrate wireless charging are too expensive, and many users probably consider that it is not worth investing so much if their old equipment worksIn case you think that this feature is a must, you can always buy a cheap gadget to add it to your old iPhone, […]

How to change your home page in Brave?


Brave, a browser famous for making micropayments to its customers, but even more so for its security and privacy, allows you to modify certain aspects of the experience, such as the home pageAs in almost all other browsers, you have to go to the Configuration section, and make the necessary […]

How to remove language switcher from taskbar in Windows 11


We cannot deny that the new Microsoft operating system has a really impressive visual aspect. However, the language switcher messes things up a bit on the taskbar. Many users, including myself, prefer remove language switcher from taskbar of Windows 11. It is very unlikely that we will need to change […]

How to view free OneDrive storage space in Windows


Check available space from Windows The Microsoft cloud is integrated into the operating system itself. To be able to access it we have an icon in the notification area from where we can carry out the few configuration options that it offers us. In this way we will have to […]