How important is cargo tracking and monitoring?


We often find information about the importance of route planning in cargo distribution and how it benefits operations. However, another point that also deserves to be highlighted in transport management is cargo tracking and monitoring.

Next, we will talk about its importance and why companies should be more concerned with this activity. So keep following and learn more!

Why is cargo tracking and monitoring so important?

In addition to assessing whether route planning is being carried out, cargo tracking allows carriers to provide real-time information to their customers regarding their cargo. Thus, it is also possible to have knowledge about any occurrence that may impact on the established deadlines.

So, another issue involved in the prevention of theft, robbery, and hijacking on the roads.

Although this measure does not inhibit this type of action, the tracking and monitoring of cargo allows obtaining more accurate information on the location of vehicles and contributing to investigations.

How can this follow-up be done?

Below we list the main and most common ones:

GPS: Today it is possible to deploy GPS devices in vehicles and obtain the location in real-time.
Cellular phones: although this is not the best option and is subject to failures, many companies still carry out cargo monitoring through contact via mobile phone with drivers. If you are a business owner, we recommend you to visit
Cameras: there is the possibility to monitor vehicles through cameras, which record images during the trip. In some cases, the implementation of this type of system includes the use of GPS.

Discover now also how information technology benefits the logistics sector.

What are the main benefits provided?

The first of them, as already mentioned, is to follow the route and the possibility of occurrences that can result in a delay. It is also possible to evaluate the routes and find points where improvements can be made, which can provide greater efficiency for logistics.

In addition, it is possible to monitor performance by vehicle and driver individually, analyzing cases of breaks or deviations and undue stops during the journey. In fact, all this information gathered provides a considerable basis for the manager to improve his logistical planning.

Therefore, another important point, which can often be considered as a differential, is that cargo tracking allows you to provide information to customers, who can now track their cargo throughout the route – and not only at the point of departure and delivery to the destination.

Thus, as we can see, this activity is very important for a fleet and transport manager and can bring several benefits to companies and their customers. Now that you already know the importance of monitoring and tracking loads for logistics, find out if your carrier adopts this practice, which will end up transmitting greater security and reliability when contracting the service.

So, how does your company handle these cargo tracking and tracking issues? Did you already know the importance of this activity for cargo transportation? Share your opinion with us through the comments!

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