Call of Duty Vanguard: Type 100 – Best Essays, Values & Loadout


You unlock the type 100 submachine gun at level 39. In the following we will tell you which essays are the best and which setups you should play.

The type 100 submachine gun is unlocked at level 39. In the following we will tell you which essays are the best and which setups you should play.

The default values of type 100

Important: Before we start with the values, you have to know that the data is a type 100 without attachments. So they are the default values of the weapon. It is also important to note that the standard values of the weapon are not really outstanding, the submachine gun only becomes a very good weapon through its attachments.

Damage and rate of fire

The type 100 distributes the damage points as follows:

Base damage: 22-17-16, depending on distance. Torso Damage: 24-18-17 On average , you need 5 to 7 shots for a kill. A headshot does 34-28-24 damage. At short and medium range you need a headshot to reduce the number of volleys needed to shoot one bullet. At long distances you need 3 headshots.

The rate of fire is 750 RPM (" R ounds P er M inute"). The standard TTK (" t ime t o k ill") is 320ms-400ms. If you should land a head hit, the TTK drops to 240ms. Overall, the standard TTK on the MP 40 and M1928 is better.

Distance and projectile speed

The Type 100 has a good range for a submachine gun. Up to a distance of 20 meters you can get a kill with 5 hits . Between 20m-38m you can get a kill with 6 volleys. At longer distances you need 6 to 7 shots, depending on where you meet the enemy.

The projectile speed is 353M / S which is the default value for the MPs.

Recoil control, reload time and aiming device speed

The recoil is extremely precise, going up pretty vertically, with very small horizontal jumps between volleys. The recoil is permanent and easy to calculate.

The reload time of the weapon is 1.67 seconds. Note, however, that this is the "ADD time". What does ADD time mean? The ammunition has already been reloaded, but the reloading animation can continue. As soon as your ammunition has been added in the lower right corner of the screen, the ADD time for reloading is over.

The ZV target speed is 240ms, which is slightly slower than the standard value for an MP.

Essay strategy and setup tips

Type 100 setup for high damage with Stealth mouth: M1929 muffler run: Sakura 292mm wrapped Visor: Slate reflector Upper: Warubachi Faltgriff underflow: Mark VI skeleton magazine: Quick Russian .30 30-round magazine ammunition type: Extends Handle: leather handle skill : Gung-Ho Kit: Quick

You will get a kill with 3-5 volleys with this. The TTK is therefore 176ms-264ms-352ms. This setup can be used with the keep up with best weapons in the game.

Diese Aufsätze kreieren in CoD Vanguard das beste Setup für die Maschinenpistole Typ 100.

What do you think of the type 100? Please write us in the comments, we are interested in your opinion. If you want to get a deeper insight into the weapon, you should watch the video from YouTuber and CoD expert TheXclusiveAce:

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