What are the Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing?


Ten years down the lane and outsourcing has come a long way. Earlier the thought of sourcing your work to a third-party organization would scare you off. But with digitization in place, outsourcing seems to be the new normal. Nearly every activity within an organization can be allocated to a different agency or a standalone professional and similar is the case with Call center software.

Yes, you heard that right.

As you outsource your development needs, testing, and deployment requirements, you can now opt for Call center outsourcing. Even though it might sound like overhead in the initial stages, as you delve deeper into the ideology, you will realize that contracting your customer communication services helps you cut down unwanted business costs.

But what is call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is defined as a rational business decision where leaders enter into a partnership with third party organizations probably the Business process outsourcer to handle and manage their customer support desk. Put simply, you hire a separate organization to connect with your customers via a virtual phone number and address their concerns to come up with relevant solutions.

The trend of outsourcing your business’s call center software is catching pace and today, thousands of organizations have already adapted themselves with the outsourcing arena. It is debated that outsourcing customer service operations help organizations utilize better skils at a reduced cost. On the other hand, critics disengage with such services as they consider it to account for lost customer trust.

As a coin has two sides, so does the trend of outsourcing. To help you better understand the process, here we have curated some of the influential benefits of outsourcing call center software followed by their bottlenecks.

Call Center Software: Perks of Outsourcing

To begin with, there are four major aspects of outsourcing that facilitates ease of redressal.

01. Eliminate The Need To Hire Staff

One of the prominent impacts of outsourcing is swaying off the need to hire dedicated staff. When you choose to set up an in-house call center to adhere to customer issues, you are bound to conduct a hiring spree. This will cost you time as well as money. Not to mention the need to train and manage these employees to work efficiently. On the contrary, outsourcing the job will prevent you from all the pain to hire, train, or manage the team.

02. Reduce Cost to Company

When you plan to outsource the call center software of your organization, all you need to do is pay the service provider once in a month for a dedicated slot of services. In-house customer portals, on the other hand, mandates the installation of a separate workspace to help your staff work contribute to the job. You need to pay for the infrastructure, the labor, and the operation. All of these seem to surpass the value charged by an outsourcing company, emerging as the clear winner.

03. Automated Scaling

Where in-house software has to be manually updated and upgraded to meet the end-user demands and communication traffic, outsourcing enables the creation of an environment where the service providers auto-update the offerings based on the needs of the business. This ensures business continuity leading to higher customer satisfaction.

04. Relentless Support

What makes outsourcing a win-win for all is the fact that organizations can benefit from trained staff and skilled customer service agents without any additional investment. Also, these industries ply 24/7 accounting for all-round support and guidance to your end customers. Not to mention the value it adds to your business leading to higher productivity and likewise, profits.

The Pitfalls Linked With Call Center Outsourcing

Having said all about the goodies, it’s time to see why outsourcing your business’s virtual phone number might not be the right fit.

01. Insufficient Industry Knowledge

When all your customer requests and queries are handled by a third-party agency, your business efficacy and brand value rely on them. At times, it so happens that the agents aren’t well ideated on the given business and its offerings. They fail to provide the specified solution to the customer which is definitely bad for the organization’s market standings.

02. Language Barrier

Businesses have a wider and global audience. Customers could be anyone from the northeast or the west. It is important for the agents to be multilingual so as to offer customized services to the users. Often, it seems language is a crucial barrier when it comes to customer communication. Outsourcing agencies aren’t always adept in different languages and this hinders the process of interaction, fueling poor customer service and experience.

3. Not well-trained agents

Customer service agents are the face of the organization. A well-trained agent can be your brand advocate and vice versa. organizations around the globe spending a lot on agent training and learning. Agent training & learning must be ongoing and can be achieved using cloud-based LMS. But before you set up your cloud-based learning management system, be sure to invest in knowledge management software. LMS along with a knowledge base streamline training content  for e.g. step by step workflows interspersed with feedback activities, which makes it more engaging and save on training costs


Customers are the sole drivers of any business. If an organization fails to keep up with its customer’s expectations, it is bound to turn obsolete. Adhering to their issues and providing solutions is one of the important aspects of a business and hence, outsourcing seems to be a good move. Just be careful while you select the agency.

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