Calafell and Sant Salvador challenge each other again in their annual challenge



The last edition of the Challenge that was played in Calafell (2020), the victory fell on the team from Sant Salvador.

(10-8-2022). The skating fleets of Calafell and Sant Salvador beach, attached to the municipality of El Vendrell, will celebrate their nautical challenge next Sunday, August 14. 31 sailors have registered.

Fourth edition of the Challenge that annually pits the senior sailing fleets of Calafell and Sant Salvador beach. Since 2019, without interruption, both squads have faced each other annually with the result of two victories for Calafell and one for Sant Salvador. Last year Calafell won. Due to this, this fleet intends to revalidate the triumph of the previous edition and reach the triplet of victories, while the one from Sant Salvador aspires to win to put the ‘score’ back in a draw of victories between both teams as it did in the year 2020.

As the winner of the 2021 edition, Calafell organizes this year’s challenge. The competition will be held on a complete Olympic triangle and the winning team will be the one that achieves the smallest sum of positions of its five best-ranked sailors.

At the moment there are 31 registered skaters. Sixteen correspond to the Calafell team and 15 to Sant Salvador beach.

This year’s figure is lower than the 49 registered in last year’s edition (25 from Calafell and 24 from Sant Salvador).


The ‘first swordsmen’ of Sant Salvador are the skaters Nelson Campderà, Otto Canalda, Judith Más, Eduardo Sánchez Vilavecchia, Erik Schwarz, and the expedition members of the recent ‘Cadaqués Nord enllà’ crossing, Joan Manel Monfort and Andreu Pérez, who with their intense sailed along the Catalan-French coast, they will surely show their good shape.

The Calafell squad has three very young members this year, all of them under twenty, such as the sisters Berta and Bruna Suau and the Maresme champion last July, Pau Delclos. To these should be added other sailors such as Fede Delclos, Jordi Maré, Antonio Martínez, Jordi Rascado or Jordi Sánchez, among others.


Below is the list of winners of the skating challenge between both squads, as well as the results recorded in each edition.

2019: Winner Calafell with a result of 24 to 31 2020: Winner Sant Salvador with a result of 24 to 42 2021: Winner Calafell with a result of 23 to 36

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