British fitness claims its safety in a record week of infections in the country


(5-4-2022). Gyms in the United Kingdom have once again highlighted their status as safe spaces, registering a contagion rate of 1.08 cases per 100,000 visits in these two years of pandemic. Significant data at a time when the country registers daily records of infections.

The UK Active employers’ association has released the latest updated data regarding the rate of contagion by Covid 19 presented by British sports centers and gyms. An incidence of the virus in the fitness sector that not only has not increased since the moment of general reopening of the sector, on April 12, but has also decreased.

Specifically, if between July and December 2020, an average of 1.7 infections per 100,000 visits was registered, between July 2021 and February 2022, the rate would have been reduced to 1.08 cases per 100,000 visits , according to the Uk Active report that estimates 241 million accesses registered by sports facilities in the aforementioned period of time, reporting 2,605 cases of Covid19 at that time.

The report, entitled ‘Safe and essential’, comes to light at a crucial moment in the management of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, a country that this week has registered daily records of infections, with an average of 79,573 cases of Covid19 per day, according to data from the National Statistics Office.

pressure mechanism

From UK Active it is ensured that the possibility of registering security reports in the sector throughout the pandemic, “allowed the sector to reopen at an earlier stage on April 12, compared to other sectors.”

This, added to the possibility of tracking the positive cases and contacts that the databases of the sports centers allow, would have made it possible to “show the relative safety of the facilities to the Government and its advisers.” Being “critical”, the public campaign carried out by Uk Active and its members during the pandemic, “urging the government to allow facilities to remain open as long as possible to play their essential role in supporting the health and resilience of the nation”.

Huw Edwards, CEO of UK Active, comments: “This report shows the power of our industry when it comes together to drive public health outcomes, improve standards and collectively push for a stronger, fitter nation. The UK has set the benchmark for Covid19 reporting, thanks to Europe’s largest industry safety data monitoring operation, allowing us to analyze over 240 million visitor data points and shed light. publicly and politically about a sector that is safe and essential.”

See full report: Here

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