Board approves changes to adapt the organizational structure

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The board of directors of Banco do Brasil (BBAS3)) approved on Thursday, the 8th, the adequacy of its organizational structure with the extinction of the Individual, MPE and Agro Business and Retail and Public Sector Business unit, in addition to the creation of the board Comercial Alto Varejo.According to a relevant fact recently released by the financial institution, the Foreign Trade Unit and integration with the Corporate Bank Board was also dissolved. The Customer Service and Channels, Governance of Related Entities, Institutional Security and Restructuring of Operating Assets were transformed into units. The bank also approved the change in the links with the vice-presidencies of the Operating Assets Restructuring Unit, which is now linked to the Corporate Vice-presidency. The Loan and Financing Solutions Department, in turn, is linked to the Agribusiness Vice President. In turn, the Payment Means and Services Solutions Department is linked to the Financial Management and Investor Relations Vice President. In this context, adds BB, Thompson Soares Pereira Cesar were elected to head the Commercial Retail unit; Guilherme Alexandre Rossi as the head of the Alto Varejo Commercial unit and Rodrigo Mulinari as the Technology Director.Want to work as an investment advisor? Enter the sector that pays the best pay in 2021. Enroll in the free course “Career in the Financial Market”.

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