Black Friday is consolidated as the main annual sales campaign



The Black Friday campaign is the sales campaign that records the best consumer traffic data of the year, but the 2021 data failed to improve on that of before 2019, that is, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

(19-5-2022). The Black Friday sales in Spain exceed the traditional ones, in January and July, in terms of pedestrian influx and number of entrances to stores, according to the annual report of TC Group Solutions, which was presented at an online press conference last Wednesday March 18th.

The TC Group Solutions study also points out that, although retail is showing signs of recovery, foot traffic during sales periods is still lower than pre-pandemic volume. However, it is noteworthy that the conversion ratios are on the rise, that is, the stores had a greater capacity to convert customer entries into effective purchases.

To carry out its study, TC Group Solutions, a company specialized in Retail intelligence, has used data from 10,000 TC-Street sensors, which automatically collect the number of pedestrians with a height greater than 1.20 meters that travel through the pedestrian streets in that are located, and data from VECTOR-4D sensors, installed at the entrances and inside the shops, which count how many people enter, leave and which areas are the busiest.

Changes after the pandemic

The TC Group Solutions report explains that until 2020 the traffic trend in the periods of reduction was upward: in January of that year there was 1.9% more than in the same period of 2019. Likewise, in the pre- pandemic, the period with the highest level of entry into stores was traditionally July, with an impact of 24.6% compared to the annual average of the months without sales.

On the other hand, in the sales of the last two years, the largest number of tickets was registered on Black Friday 2021, with an increase of 18% compared to the months without store discounts, but with a drop of 23.3 % compared to the same sales of 2019.


In the last two years, the pandemic situation caused all the indicators to fall, which have not yet fully recovered. In the last sales of January 2022, the traffic was 16.3% lower than in January 2020. Likewise, the sales of July 2021 were 20.8% below those of 2019.

For its part, the traffic of the Black Friday sales of 2021 was 15.5% less than in 2019.

Another indicator considered in the TC Group Solutions study is the ability to attract stores, which on Black Friday 2021 stood at 8.3% of pedestrian traffic, while in the sales last January it was 8. .7%.

On the other hand, in 2019 the attraction ratios of the sales periods were between 9.3% and 9.7%.

Aragón, the community that best recovers

Black Friday is also the sales period with the highest traffic and the greatest impact on tickets in 2021 in most autonomous communities, the exception being Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria and Galicia, where summer sales still predominated.

On the other hand, no community has recovered pre-pandemic levels, but those that show better traffic recovery data during the sales with respect to 2019 are Aragón (falls 8.3%), Navarra (falls 9.6%) and Madrid (down 11.6%). For their part, the communities that recovered the least were the Balearic Islands (falling 29.1%), Cantabria (falling 20.6%) and Catalonia (falling 20.6%).

Madrid is the engine, Barcelona suffers

The TC Group Solutions study analyzes the particular cases of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Regarding the first city, it stands out that since July 2021 there has been a recovery in sales traffic and it is one of the engines in this area, but without yet reaching pre-pandemic levels: in the January 2022 sales, the average of pedestrian traffic was 4,655 people/day, 13.7% less than in January 2020.

In Barcelona the recovery is less, which the study attributes to a greater dependence on tourism in that city. Data that reflects this trend is that the Black Friday sales of 2021 had an average of external traffic of 4,239 people/day, 23.6% less than in 2019. Likewise, in the sales of January 2022 the average of pedestrian traffic was 3,842 people/day, 25.0% less than in 2020.

For its part, Seville leads the recovery in Andalusia. Black Friday sales are the ones that traditionally move the most traffic and advance their recovery: in 2021 they reached an average of 4,344 people/day, 6.9% less than in 2019 but 19.8% more than in the months without discounts same year specials. In the January 2022 sales, the average pedestrian traffic was 3,691 people/day, 16.5% lower than the January 2020 sales.

France recovers, Italy still does not

The TC Group Solutions report also analyzes the situation in France and Italy, showing that in both countries Black Friday is also the sales period with the highest pedestrian traffic. In Italy, this event moved an average of 4,669 people/day in 2021, compared to 5,534 people/day in 2019. However, the recovery in the January sales with an average of 3,737 people/day was less, since the pedestrian traffic fell by 28.75% compared to 2020.

In France, Black Friday 2021 registered a traffic flow of 3,198 people/day compared to 3,709 in 2019. As for the January sales, in 2022 there was an influx of 2,819 people/day compared to 3,265 people/day in 2019 .

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