Bitcoin Sunrise review – Honest Review by a Trader – is it Legit?


Since cryptocurrency is emerging by leaps and bounds, so many new opportunities can be grasped to make a profit. The various surveys show that there is an amazing rise in the numbers of traders in the market. So, many users are searching for chances to take the benefit of the emerging cryptocurrency market. 

For this purpose, many automated trading platforms can be used to get ahead in the crypto market. That is why we have reviewed the Bitcoin Sunrise network, we wish more individuals to understand how Bitcoin Sunrise performs. All in all, this is a perfect crypto trading platform for all users. 

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What is Bitcoin Sunrise?

Bitcoin Sunrise is known as an automated trading platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the market. This software is a computer-based network launched in 2018. Bitcoin Benefit performs via, the machine learning and commercial network with excellent technology in cooperation with powerful Al. 

Besides, so many users have described that they have switched to Bitcoin Sunrise because it provides more opportunities to earn profit from crypto trading. So it is a popular brand among the crypto trading community. 

Additionally, the Bitcoin Sunrise is an application by which you can earn up to $250 daily by depositing the same amount. Users can make unlimited money from Bitcoin Sunrise. The platform is very easy to use and navigate. 


Open Your Bitcoin Sunrise Account Now


Bitcoin Sunrise is also seen as highly efficient. Its efficiency has been related to the massive profits earned from the market daily. According to users testimonials, the efficiency of the network has been rated as 97%. This software is amazing, Bitcoin Sunrise performs from our experience with the intelligent algorithm and automated crypto trading software. 

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Is Bitcoin Sunrise Legit?

There are plenty of queries about Bitcoin Sunrise and its legitimacy, particularly the profit-making ability for users interested in crypto trading. According to our research, the owners of  Bitcoin Sunrise are credible. However, we should remember the crypto market is highly volatile and time-sensitive. But network’s algorithm will always be there to manage the investment risks. Here we have explained few steps below which will provide evidence of the legitimacy of the platform;

  • It provides an excellent feature of a demo account to its new traders, once satisfied, there is a minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. 
  • Users can set stop-loss limits to secure their investments on the Bitcoin Sunrise network. 
  • Additionally, Bitcoin Sunrise has a win rate as high as 88% which is achievable by making use of the brokers and trading signals on the platform. 
  • Moreover, Bitcoin Sunrise is very straightforward to navigate and user-friendly.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin Sunrise?

In this impartial review, we have explained how to get started with the Bitcoin Sunrise platform. Its steps include creating a new account on Bitcoin Sunrise, next make a deposit and start the live trading session.

All the steps are very easy, you can start making money with Bitcoin Sunrise with ease. 

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The registration process is just a matter of providing some important information, and it will finish in few minutes. You can start by filling a registration form which will include basic information such as your full name, email address, phone number and country residence. Once you get registered, you will be assigned a personal broker to walk you through the account verification process. 

Making a deposit

We recommend making a minimum deposit of £250. We also suggest investing small for those who have never traded before. This deposit is necessary to make before going into live trading. 

Users can make a deposit through a MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. Besides, traders will be asked to confirm their account and identity before trading can start. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin Sunrise uses GDPR rules apply and SSL certificates which backs all transactions. So, there should not be any worry for new investors. The platform makes sure that all of your confidential information is encrypted and secured.

Demo account feature

The demo account feature is excellent for newbies to have some practice before going into live trading. After all, a demo account is a replica of the live trading network without the investment of real money.

Live trading

We recommend users set the trading parameters before going live into the trading session. This step will minimise any investment or at least reduces the danger of massive losses. Once a trader has set the initial limits, it will perform every day of trading, except if the owner’s changes ahead of trade occur. However, once again we recommend using the demo trading before going live. 

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Things To Consider Before Trading With Bitcoin Sunrise

  • Start with a minimum deposit of $250
  • Make use of demo account to become familiar with Bitcoin Sunrise before going into two trading
  • We recommend withdraw profits early and leave the initial investment amount on the network for more earnings.
  • Beginners should make use of their disposable income instead of using all of their savings to fund their very first trade.


Key Benefits of Bitcoin Sunrise

Payout System

Aa different countries have different payout systems of each other. Bitcoin Sunrise provides instant and multiple payment systems. Moreover, the payout system is completely automated and activated right after a trading session ends. 

Consistency of Bitcoin Sunrise

If you want to make money on regular basis from the crypto market then rely on the Bitcoin Sunrise network. Bitcoin Sunrise has been made for consistencies in the earnings. All in all, it is popular as a smart crypto trading network with some stunning features. 

Security System

Bitcoin Sunrise platform is absolutely safe so users can invest the money as much as they can. 

Positive Feedbacks

We have experienced the percentage of positive users feedback on Bitcoin Sunrise is over high. Bitcoin Sunrise has an excellent reputation across the globe.


Bitcoin Sunrise has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use. All of the features are very easy to use such as a demo account which is very straightforward to use. 

Live chat

Bitcoin Sunrise also provides a live chat feature 24/7. You can get a solution to your problem via live chat at any time. 

Efficient Platform

Bitcoin Sunrise is a highly efficient platform because it is an automated trading robot. Robots will scan the cryptocurrency value in the market for users.

Customer support team

Users can access customer support for any problem which is available 24/7.


A user will be assigned a personal broker to their account and can execute the various investment techniques on the behalf of the account owner. 

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Bitcoin Sunrise FAQs

What Is Bitcoin Sunrise?

Bitcoin Sunrise is designed as an automated trading platform programmed to understand crypto market opportunities for traders interesting in live trading.

Is There Any To Open An Account With Bitcoin Sunrise?

No, there are no hidden charges to open an account with Bitcoin Sunrise. It is completely free. 

Is There Any Maximum Limit Of Making Profit Through Bitcoin Sunrise?

No, users can earn profits as much as they wish to. 

How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On Bitcoin Sunrise?

Bitcoin Sunrise is an automated trading platform that performs everything on the behalf of traders. However, users’ needs to spend at least 20 minutes per day on this network 

Can Residence To US Make Use Of This App?

No, United States resident cannot make use of this network, however, they can use many other trading platforms which are available in their country.

Is There Any Mobile App For Bitcoin Sunrise?

No, trading through Bitcoin Sunrise can only take place on a computer or other devices, through a website.

Has Bitcoin Sunrise Been Popular In The Media?

Yes, it is observed that Bitcoin Sunrise has been featured in TV shows such as Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. However, we don’t have any exact proof that these rumours are accurate. 

Is It Advisable To Put All The Money In Bitcoin Sunrise App?

We recommend starting with a minimum amount of money. Don’t invest that money which you can’t afford to lose. Try to use only disposable money. 

In How Many Countries Is Bitcoin Sunrise Available?

Bitcoin sunrise is approximately available in 150 countries and there are also multiple payment options available for users. 

Open Your Bitcoin Sunrise Account Now


Final Thoughts

We have concluded that Bitcoin Sunrise automated trading platform is a fully reliable network. Because there are many positive reviews from credible users that it is legitimate software for earnings. The platform is available in 150 countries having multiple payment options. It is also evidence of how much users love this software. 

Moreover, we have experienced that a beginner can make up to €200 and €1000 every week. However, earnings completely depend upon how much the money trader invests. Lastly, Bitcoin Sunrise is an emerging platform in the market, so every one of us must take benefit of this.


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