Biciclik postpones its store expansion until the scenario is clarified



Biciclick has specialized in serving consumers who wish to purchase electric bicycles in the commercial segment, mainly as an alternative means of urban transport.

(12-4-2022). The chain of cycling stores, specialized mainly in the sale of electric bicycles, does not plan to expand its network of troops “until the uncertain scenario is clarified”, according to its CEO, Fernando Martín. The manager has recognized that sales levels “have returned to those of the pre-pandemic stage.”

The first quarter of this 2022 has been characterized by nondescript sales, as recognized by Fernando Martín, CEO of the Spanish chain of cycling stores, Biciclick. The executive has pointed out that “so far, the bulk of sales have not yet started and we are waiting for the demand to arrive.”

Asked about the rate of decline that the brand’s sales would have suffered as a result of the slack in the sell out, compared to the first quarter of last 2021 in which the so-called bike-boom was still at its peak, Martín has recognized regressions in the 50% order. However, the executive has justified this evolution based on the fact that “last year, the first quarter registered spectacular sales rates”. Despite this, the manager has not been concerned, arguing that “we are returning to pre-pandemic sales levels, as well as the seasonality of when then and we are waiting for sales to be reactivated with the arrival of good weather . We trust that as the effects of international uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine fade, demand will pick up.”


Precisely, that uncertainty that, according to the executive, “is added to that which we had already been registering as a result of the logistical and transportation problems of world trade, derived from the reactivation of the pandemic in Southeast Asia”, would be the main factors. that have led Biciclick to keep its expansion of troops parked. As he specified, “the current scenario is extremely uncertain: persistence of supply problems, doubts about what the consumer’s purchasing behavior will end up being, expectations of price increases, etc. have led us to decide to stay with the current figure for the time being. of stores that we have waiting for the scenario to be clarified”. At this time, the Biciclick store network is made up of thirteen establishments.


After the pandemic, Biciclick decided to strengthen its position in the sale of the most commercial segment of electric bicycles. As Fernando Martín explains, “two factors mainly influenced that decision. On the one hand, the variation in consumer demand and, on the other hand, the supply policies of certain brands”. Martín maintains that “the consumer towards whom we have reoriented ourselves is a client who is mainly looking for bicycles for use as transportation. He is a client who allows himself to be advised more by the retailer, who does not enter into haggling and is not so brand-oriented ”.

Likewise, Martín has highlighted that “the brands with which we supply are supporting us with a careful service, something that the target client with whom we work also thanks us”.

The director has pointed out that “so far the program to revitalize the bicycle as a means of transport to go to work promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has hardly led to an increase in demand.” Despite this, Ferando Martín has not ruled out that “perhaps, an increase in demand can be detected later”.

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