BH Fitness equips one of the most modern gyms in Menorca


(24-2-2022). BH Fitness has equipped Biosport Menorca, a new gym located in the city of Mahón, which has become one of the most modern in the city, after including the Movemia range and the BH Gymloop software.

BioSport Menorca, in its capital Mahón, becomes a unique training experience for its members. Its 290 square meters with spectacular views are joined by 59 connected machines that offer modern and accessible fitness equipment.

A different design, quality and a premium concept based on technological innovation define this technological commitment by BH Fitness, which is based above all on the BH Gymloop technology and its total integration with cardio and weight training.

BioSport Menorca has a connected fitness environment in its three aspects: cardio, bodybuilding and spinning. Its members have access to all the center’s services through their mobile phone, such as classes, personalized training, information on their progress and even rewards through Loops, a gamification system that completes the center’s ecosystem.

Machines with 21” and 19” screens in cardio and 11” in bodybuilding with high resolution and touch screens provide the center with absolute connectivity thanks to the operating system of these monitors, called Smartfocus, also developed by BH Fitness. Another of the great advances that Smartfocus provides is the specific information on the use and maintenance of the machines that it transfers to the center itself for later analysis. A fundamental tool for making business decisions based on data and not opinions.

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