BH Fitness and BH Bikes join forces to launch an exercise bike for training



The Exercycle has an FTP test to calculate the wattage threshold, a Polar 5KHz telemetric pulse receiver, and a Bluetooth FTMS module that allows full compatibility with the main cycling simulators.

(14-3-2022). The Exercycle exercise bike is the result of the alliance between the BH Fitness and BH Bikes teams. The teams from both divisions of the Basque company have worked together to achieve a product that unites the best of fitness with the best of cycling. According to the brand, “Exercycle is an intelligent bicycle designed by and for cyclists”.

The frame of the BH exercise bike, Exercycle, is based on the Aeroloight and has been the fruit of the joint work of the BH Fitness and BH Bikes research and development teams. The frame guarantees the greatest adaptability of the bicycle to the user and allows the user to train in a realistic position with perfect biomechanics.

This new model of stationary bicycle incorporates resistance changes with cams on the handlebars, which allows the resistance to be changed without the athlete’s posture suffering.

The Exercycle has a multiscreen LCD monitor with all the necessary functions to be able to carry out a complete training and without the athlete missing a single one of the parameters that he intends to evaluate.

On the other hand, the frame torsion offered by the Exercycle simulates the lateral movements of a road bike going uphill, as well as the corresponding sensations and effort.

All this compendium of benefits and sensations can be experienced without the need for the athlete to leave his home, thanks to the electromagnetic resistance system.

The exercise bike Exercycle already has the first units available. Its PVP is 2,190 euros. BH offers those interested in acquiring it the possibility of buying it in installments from 73 euros per month.

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