"Bestsign security app deactivated"? Postbank customers in danger!


"Your Bestsign-Sicherheit APP has been deactivated, reactivate it now" – SMS are currently circulating with this content. But if you, as a Postbank customer, feel compelled to act quickly, you should be careful: it is an attempt at fraud!

"Your Bestsign-Sicherheit APP has been deactivated, reactivate it now" – SMS messages with this content are currently circulating. But if you, as a Postbank customer, feel compelled to act quickly, you should be careful: it is an attempt at fraud!

In the SMS there is a link that can be used to set up the allegedly deactivated app. But this is where an attempt at fraud is hidden that can endanger your own bank account.

"Your Bestsign security app has been deactivated" – Fake SMS in circulation

The BestSign app is required by Postbank customers. This allows transfers and other online banking functions to be used without a TAN, but with a password, face or fingerprint recognition. But where there is money, fraudsters are not far away, as is the case with the current SMS. If you follow the link in the SMS, you land on an alleged Postbank website . The link is bogus and converted with the well-known, normally reputable link shortening service "bit.ly". The text of the SMS is short, but some inconsistencies can already be found here:

bestsign-sms The text speaks of a " bestsign security APP ". The separate notation makes little sense grammatically and " APP " is capitalized unnecessarily. BestSign is written in the official spelling of large domestic-S. The name “Bestsign” is therefore misspelled in the SMS. The successive use of “ deactivated, reactivate ” within a sentence does not look very professional. The SMS also ends up on the smartphones of users who do not have a Postbank account at all.

In the video you will learn exactly how phishing traps work:

If you look at the destination address in the address bar of the browser, you will see that you are not on the official Postbank domain, but on a completely different site such as "greenlifecoaching.fr". If you enter your login data here, you do not activate the Postbank app again, but instead pass on your password to fraudsters.

green life coaching

In some browser apps, access to the greenlifecoaching.fr domain is already blocked for security reasons .
Aside from SMS, Postbank customers currently have little reason to be happy:

Beware of Postbank phishing via SMS

If you have entered your login data on the site, you should contact Postbank customer service immediately to secure your account. Otherwise, fraudsters could gain access to your finances with the login data. As a precaution, have your account blocked and change your access data for the Postbank services . If necessary, you should also scan your PC or smartphone for viruses.

In principle, you should never follow links from emails or SMS that lead you to login pages. As a rule, cyber criminals use well-known names to put users under pressure and induce them to log in to a fake site. The widespread payment service PayPal is often targeted by fraudsters.

In the case of the BestSign SMS, pressure is exerted on the user, after all, there is talk of a deactivated app, without which banking transactions can no longer be carried out. If there is actually a problem with your account, log in directly on the website or via the app of your bank, not via a link from an email or SMS. If something needs to be clarified, you can usually find out about it via the mailbox in your bank account. If you are unsure, contact your bank's customer service.

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