Top 7 Best Video Editing Software For Mac In 2020


Whatever is your purpose of creating and editing a video on Mac – to be used on social media or make a complete feature film – choosing the right and the best tool becomes extremely important. Depending on the purpose, you have innumerable choices. There are many tools that can help you in making professional-looking videos and tutorials, and then again, there are more high-tech tools that help make commercial movies.

Since the choices are too many, we have compiled the top seven intuitive and smart video editing software tools for Mac which can be used by pros and amateurs to make top-notch videos.

01. Final Cut Pro X

Developed by Apple, Final Cut Pro X is one of the best professional video editing tools for people working on Mac. It is a standalone software program that enables the user to download and import files from stock media websites and online storage sites. It can be used for editing videos, sharing and uploading them, and also organize the videos with features to edit simultaneously different videos from multiple recordings. It is possible to create HDR content too.

Advantages – powerful processing core, cutting-edge tools, graphics card, and robust VRAM, all are helping in smooth editing and post-production work.

The videos that need to be edited can be imported from all types of cameras supporting different kinds of formats. People without much experience can work using this tool as it requires few tutorials to get started.

02. Apple iMovie

Be it Mac, iPhone, or iPad, this free editing tool from Apple is highly recommended for people who have just started – amateurs and hobbyists. The tool allows the user to capture the footage and then accordingly edit it with absolute smoothness.

Advantages – the latest tool helps in 4k video editing. It is one of the best tools to help you learn the finer nuances of video editing as you can make a movie out of all the 4K videos and photos that you have taken with your iPhone.

There are pre-designed themes and templates, provision to add animated titles, and music and even special effects, cinematic filters, controlling video speed, and final touches.

03. Adobe Premiere Pro

As the name suggests, this tool is for professional video editors. Many YouTube content creators, and professional filmmakers and editors use this tool as it has proved to be a cut above the rest, in the real sense of the phrase. While simplicity is a great feature about the tool, it is a technical powerhouse for editing with codec and presets, embedded layouts, easy program interface, and more.

Advantages – multiple plug-ins, pre-designed templates, and scripts, works seamlessly with Mac and Windows, offers the finest quality of editing features, supports multiple cameras and video formats, and works superbly with digital marketing software.

You can organize and view the storyboard, it has rulers and grids that help with accurate formatting. The software also comes with the feature of audio improvement, auto-ducking, colour grading, animation, which is compatible with unlimited third-party technologies, as well as Adobe products.

04. Lightworks Pro

This is one tool that is commonly used in making commercial movies and films. From a smart and intelligent interface to supporting multi-format videos and devices, 3D editing, 4K export, and simple timeline reading, there are plenty of pros associated with this tool.

Advantages – the program has unlimited in-built effects and is regarded as one of the most advanced tools in the realm of video editing today.

The user can download the tool in the free mode, umpteen times. Video editing happens in real-time with this tool. From full-length movies to short videos, editors can use this tool with ease for any kind of work. Editors can expect to work with precision by adding special effects, colour blending, and grading, accurate editing, keyframing, and enhancements.

The tool is also compatible with Blackmagic Fusion that is used for image compositing in professional movies and commercials. The software can run on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

05. InVideo

An excellent video editing tool, InVideo helps you create awesome videos fast. The goodness of the tool is that there are 3500+ premium templates; access to the in-built library and the opportunity to work with more than 1 million premium video clippings, footages, and images, at zero royalty. To this, you simply need to add your matter – text, logo, image, videos, and so much more.

Advantages – for businesses, it is a great opportunity to get more traffic and leads and drive conversions in an optimized manner.

With impressive videos, you can also aim at building brand awareness. The tool supports multiple languages, can be accessed by unlimited team members, access to automated text-to-speech and voiceovers, and full HD Exports. Access this fantastic editing software, meant for both, professionals and amateurs, at

06. DaVinci Resolve

The on-site editing software includes multiple functionalities that cover areas like colour correction, visual effects, and 8K editing. The tool is meant for making professional videos and is a blessing for the post-production team.

Advantages – from a YouTube video to TV shows, a full-length commercial film, and music videos.

The software has features that help with advanced colour correction, text animation, a digitized audio workstation, responsive playback, and image stabilization. There are the free version and the paid version of the software. The paid version comes with additional plug-ins, 3D tools, and special effects.

07. Filmora

This is another brilliant video editing software that can be used for editing professional and personal movies. It can be used for the creation of presentations, as well as marketing videos. The tool supports images and videos in multiple formats, has 4K video editing provisions, with multiple footages.

Advantages – the tool allows the user to use different filters, titles, overlays, and keyframes, adjust audio, and remove background noise. Besides editing, the tool can be used for compositing where one can use features like the green-screen effects.

While selecting the right video editing tool, it may not be okay to just read about the best editing tools or watching the demo. You need to have hands-on experience, maybe during the tutorial, or try the free version.

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