Screen Casting Made Easy: 5 Best Screen Casting Software’s


Best Screen Casting Software’s: Around 70% of internet users prefer a video over text content when they want to learn something.

That’s why youtube has a large amount how-to video stuff. I also prefer to convey wordpress information in the form of video.

For a variety of reasons, people make videos. But the most common reason is to instruct another user to do specific task on his computer. Recording a lecture with the mobile phone is like shooting a fish in a barrel, but what will you do when you want to record something from your desktop screen? Here is the solution for you.

My blogger friends usually ask me about the best tools to record the computer screen.

Today I am going to answer this question. If you are also in need of some awesome tools that you can use for screencasting then you are on the right place.

Here are 5 hand-picked screencasting software suggestions for you.

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#01. Jing

Jing is the free tiny application that allows you to capture the screenshots and record screencasts.

The finest feature of Jing that encourages me to refer it to others, is its custom frame recording. You can customize your recording area and easily hide the confidential part of your screen.

Jing allows you to record each screencast upto 5 minutes duration. You need to signup for a free account with first time install.

It records your video in a high quality SWF format. Jing is 100% free.

#2. Rylstim Screen Recorder

Around 1.4 MBs, this small software allows you to record the events happening on your desktop screen according to your screen resolution. It has a really simple front panel, and does not require
any special skill to use this software.

Rylstim Screen Recorder allows you to record your screencast in multiple video formats.

You can record videos longer then 1 hour with high quality AVI formats. It’s a free software.

#3. Easyvid

Easyvid is a free software too, but a bit heavy because of its extraordinary features.

It is a video recorder and a photo slide creator as well. The most prominent features of this Screencast software are, instant facecam, video speed control, voice recording and synthesis.

You can record upto 1280×720 resolution videos. There is an instant button to upload your video on youtube.

#4. Snagit

This is a premium screen recording tool comes with 15 days free trial. It also has a desire frame rate feature like Jing to record a specific part of your screen.

You can also use it to record your videos from your smart phone by installing their android, iOS and Windows phone app.

Snagit allows you easy video trimming to cut-off the unwanted parts of your videos.

You can save your videos with multiple high quality formats.

#5. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi is a light screen recording software that enables you to record your screencast in high quality video formats.

You can also capture screenshots while recording screencasts.You can record audio for your video from different sources like headsets, Speakers, microphones and adjust the desired volume.

It allows you to record skype video chats. Movavi is a free Software.

Download Movavi Screen Recorder

If you have another good Video Recording tool in mind, then you can tell me in the comment section.


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