What’s the Best Registry Cleaner? What to Use, and Not?


The registry or windows Registry contains information, settings, options and other values for programs and hardware installed on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Whenever a program is installed, a new entry containing information such as the location of the program, its version and how to start the program are all added to the Windows Registry.

When you install a lot of programs, the registry gets loaded up with information from all those programs. The registry keeps a record of everything, as a result it even has the information on a program that was uninstalled earlier. These are invalid or broken registry and they may cause errors and may lead to slowing down of the system. One solution to these issues could be using a registry cleaner software. A Registry cleaner scans the entries of the windows registry and scrapes away all the information that are no longer needed or those broken registries that could be hampering the PC’s performance.

When to use a Registry cleaner?

It is recommended to use a registry cleaner when the system performance is very slow and it starts to hang when doing some operations. However, before running any cleaner, it is advised that you backup your data and create a full system backup. Using a registry cleaner may or may not solve the issue you are having. Since it could even end up worsening the problem, ensuring a safety backup is recommended.

Having seen the risks of cleaning the registry, it all depends on the registry cleaner you are using. Some of the best registry cleaner softwares provides backup options before cleaning the registry. A poorly written cleaner software can cause serious problems in your computer system.

There are plenty of cleaner softwares online. But not all of them are equipped to solve your issues. So to help you choose, here is a quick summary of some of the best registry cleaner softwares available on the internet.


CCleaner is a windows cleanup utility that also cleans the registry and removes the unnecessary entries from the windows registry. It is one of the best registry cleaner softwares that not only cleans the registry but also removes junk files and optimizes the PC’s performance. It helps to remove unused and invalid registry entries, including file extensions, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, uninstallers, help files and invalid shortcuts. It lets you view and uninstall programs that are not needed and are inactive for a long period, thereby freeing up disc space. It creates a backup before making any changes to the registry.

IOLO System Mechanic

IOLO System Mechanic is a complete optimization tool for your PC. It cleans hardware drive clutter, repairs registry, defragments drives & memory and optimizes internet settings. It comes with a program accelerator, a startup optimizer and a net booster. It can effectively improve the PCs performance. It also creates backup for the registry and cleans the registries in a single click.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner has an easy to use interface. It provides faster registry scans and scheduled scans. The registry is automatically backed up before any cleaning is done. It has three levels of registry scans and the registry scanning can be customized. Custom areas of the registry can be scanned for invalid entries. It also allows exclusions, so that you can specify the registry item to avoid cleaning them. Other than cleaning up the registry, Wise Registry Cleaner also optimizes system settings to boost system speed and internet speed.

RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro is one of the best solutions for fixing all registry based errors. It can clean, repair and optimize the windows registry. It comes with multiple functionalities to help you out with system related registry issues. It recognizes the fragmented and cluttered windows registry and defragments the registry. It also provides full or partial backup of registries before optimizing them. Like Wise Registry Cleaner, RegClean Pro also can perform scheduled scans and has exclusion lists which can single out the registry entries that are to be avoided. This reduces the time of scan and the process is made easier. However it should be noted that RegClean Pro only scans for registry errors and doesn’t fix them in its free version. To fix issues you might have to buy the product.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Another popular and effective registry cleaner software is the Auslogics Registry Cleaner. It is a good software for cleaning the windows registry and an excellent tool to find out what is hampering your PC’s performance. One of its features includes highlighting areas in the registry that require most attention. It assigns a colour based on the severity rating of the registry entries. It allows you to create backup and restore points, so that you can re-install the previous registry configuration. It also provides a search facility, where you can enter the keyword of a registry and search it. Similar to RegClean Pro, Auslogics also provides an ignore list. It is a completely free registry cleaner and is known to resolve system and stability issues


JetClean is a PC optimization software, it comes with cleaning tools that clean the registry. It has a straightforward interface among registry cleaner softwares. It is an extremely fast cleaner that can scan the entire registry within a few seconds. Like the other cleaner softwares, it also comes with a rescue center, from where we can restore previous registry repairs. Additionally, the software has a registry defrag feature which boosts the PC. It is a light and easy to use cleaner that requires very little space in your hard drive. However JetClean keeps a lot of cookies, which you may find disturbing and it also attempts to install a toolbar while installing the cleaner software.

AML Registry Cleaner

Last on the list of best registry cleaner softwares is the AML registry cleaner. It is the most simple and easy-to-use cleaner software. Though its interface seems a bit old, ALM performs superfast registry scans. Just like other cleaner softwares, it provides backup and an exclusion list for the registry entries that can be avoided. It also offers several other tools for PC optimization.

Having seen some of the best registry cleaner softwares, it would be easy for you to choose one. However cleaning the windows registry must be done as a last resort only if your PC is too slow to work with. You don’t want to intervene with registry files, which can cause a bigger problem and might even cause your system to stop working. Cleaning the registry also may not result in solving the issue on your PC. So assess the problem and use the best registry cleaner that is suitable for you and use it only when the application is necessary to solve the issue.

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