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Your own Minecraft server opens up a whole new universe of enjoyment, which you can take advantage of with friends or strangers, providing a safe and personalized environment for gamesSetting up a configurator at home without resorting to third-party services can be too complicated, so it is convenient to choose one of the available platforms for it

No one is oblivious to it since Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the planet, one with millions of players who enjoy the open world proposal on their computer, challenging others and also themselves. Starting from that base, today We suggest you go a little further, and for that we teach you what to know to have the best hosting for Minecraft serversoffering your guests a superlative experience.

The point is that by setting up your own Minecraft server you can give your acquaintances the opportunity to play in their own environment, this being one of the keys to the success that the title has reaped throughout its history.

But to properly configure a server in Minecraft, you will need a Minecraft server hosting. Precisely, in the following lines we want to dwell on this matter, to delve further into it.

Why would anyone need a server for Minecraft?

A Minecraft server gives you a space of your own that you can control, and while you can set up your private Minecraft server on your computer, that will require you to be tech-savvy and have in-depth knowledge of your network. In addition, you are exposed to cyber attacks, compromising security.

The alternative that most of the most professional players opt for, or try to be, is pay for a hosting service, so that it is this one that is in charge of the installation, maintenance and performance.

A third-party hosting provider will give you better security, bypassing the Minecraft servers. Having a private server also means manage absolutely all aspects of its use.

And it is precisely here that the same question that we raised at the beginning appears, related to discovering which is the best hosting for Minecraft servers today, choosing among the many available.

3 Minecraft server hosts to consider


This easy-to-use web host offers plans built especially for Minecraft hosting. Hostinger offers instant setup as well as access to a virtual private server or VPS.

It offers five different Minecraft hosting plans, and they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Its other features include the dedicated Minecraft server, the Multicraft control panel, Modpacks and add-ons, allowing you to get started in just a few clicks and enjoy the full experience right away.

Apex Hosting

Getting started with Apex Hosting is quite simple, fast and affordablebecause you only have to select the version and the size of the server, but they give us the flexibility to change the version and package of your server at any time, so you make sure that it grows while you do it yourself.

This Minecraft hosting service provider further offers dedicated hardware features such as high clocked CPUs and SSD hard drives for a best transaction processing system or TPS.

It has a free subdomain name, which you can use to create a site for its server like Technic Launcher.


Another popular hosting service provider in the Minecraft space is Shockbyte, which supports Java and Bedrock versions of games. You have the option to choose between 12 of your plans along with one more, 100% personalized.

They have one Less generous, 24-hour refund policy if you’re not satisfied with its performance.

It also offers instant setup and unlimited NVMe SSD storage along with full FTP access. It also has automatic updates, automatic assent, dedicated IP support and automatic backups. Lastly, we appreciate that notify in advance of periods of inactivity.

best minecraft 3 server hosting

Other frequently asked questions

How much RAM is enough for a Minecraft server?

The higher the number of players on the server, the more RAM you will need to support them. There is no more way out. For a basic configuration or a small group of friends and family, 1 GB of RAM is recommended. But as your demands increase, you’ll need to plan on bumping it up to at least 10GB of RAM.

Do Minecraft servers work with VPN?

These servers typically run on virtual private networks, which help bypass common loopholes. You can get a new IP address, prevent geographical restrictions from affecting you and, in short, take advantage of all the benefits of having a VPN. Yes indeed, check that your speed is good.

What is a modded minecraft server?

Modded Minecraft servers are the type of servers that have mods installed. They are very resource intensive and use large amounts of RAM. Modified servers allow players to have new features without changing game clients. These servers consist of different modpacks with their playstyles.

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