Best Hunting Knives Everyone Should have for their Outdoor Camping


For people who are fond of the outdoors, whether it is camping, hunting, fishing or similar activities, the best hunting knife is an essential tool to bring along on your trip.

A good quality knife will also serve as your all-around tool when you need to prepare your food, chop some firewood, and basically just anything you to expect during hunting and spending time in the woods.

So, be sure to buy the right type of knife that meets your standards, which must be equipped with outstanding features typical in the best cutting tool.

We have shared one of best hunting knives available in market. You can also purchase them from Amazon.

 Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine Bayonet (Brown)

One of the best hunting knives in the market, the Ontario Marine Bayonet should be an item that offers the best value for your money. Among the great features of this product are the following:

  • Zinc Phosphate for the blade finish to ensure optimum durability
  • 1095 carbon steel blade
  • Length of blade is at 8 inches and with a thickness of 0.2 inch (perfect for hunting purposes)
  • Brown-colored handle
  • Includes a tan sheath made of Hytrel, also MOLLE compatible
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Ontario Knife Company has built its solid reputation for years as the premier supplier of cutlery worldwide. In terms of exceptional materials, design and craftsmanship, the brand stand by its promise to deliver total satisfaction to customers. This knife, for instance, is renowned for its durability, sturdiness and outstanding performance, which makes it a primary choice of the U.S Marine Corps.

In fact, the blade is made of industry-standard carbon steel material with the right thickness. The Dynaflex handle fits perfectly on your hand for enhanced comfort, thanks to its remarkable ergonomics.

Going back to the blade, it has a partially serrated design and comes with 1.75 mission serration for maximum sharpness. The bayonet is also kept secure, all because of the stainless spring friction inside. The honing rod is coated with ceramic material, and it is found on the back portion of the scabbard. Lastly, its nylon sheath is glass-filled for that unbeatable durability.


  • Sharpened edges on both sides
    What makes this a good hunting knife is the fact that both edges have sharp edges, unlike in the case of some knives with an upper edge that remains unsharpened. In fact, from the top edge of this knife has been sharpened at least 3 inches all the way to the back from its tip. Since this qualfies for a double-edged knife, it is best that you check with your state, town or city law to make sure it is legal for you to carry this tool around.
  • Strong and tough blade  
    The blade is made of 1095 cro van steel, which gives it that remarkable strength. You can even use it for prying, yet not run the risk of breaking or snapping the blade. So, toughness is not even a question for this hunting knife considering the material it is made of.
  • Equipped with essential accessories
    Aside from having yourself an exceptional knife, this product comes with a sharpening rod made of ceramic, plus a sheath. This tool is useful for field sharpening, and it keeps your knife ready for use anytime, anywhere.


  •  Susceptible to rust
    The less-than-perfect quality of 1095 carbon steel is its lack of alloys (specifically chromium) added to the material. Hence, exposure to moisture can lead to rust, since the blade is not made of stainless steel. However, you can prevent this issue by applying some oil on the blade, but be sure to avoid having lubricants on the handle – or you will have a hard time holding the knife steadily without slipping off your grip.
  • The material used on the blade will not hold an edge too long
    As compared to harder types of steel, the material used on the blade will not hold an edge longer. Nevertheless, the 1095 carbon steel is a bit softer, and this will give you an easier time sharpening the blade.

After looking at the pros and cons, you will realize that the benefits still outweigh the limitations. It is only a matter of determining if the blade length, thickness and overall features of this knife suit your specific needs.

Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife

Made with the outdoorsman in mind, this good hunting knife by Spyderco may be worth considering when you are in the market for a cutting tool to bring on your camping or hunting trip. Below are some of the specs of this product:

  • Folding knife
  • The blade is made of 1055 steel
  • Carbon fiber (twill-woven) material for the handle
  • Great ergonomics for ease in handling
  • LinerLock folding with a pocket clip of silhouette wire
  • When closed, the knife measures 4- 3/16 inches in length
  • Lightweight, yet solid (3.2 ounces in weight)

Spyderco is known for its innovative design in knives, which allows users to open folding knives with just one hand. In particular, this knife features serrations on its folder, and you can simply secure this tool in your pocket with a clip that comes with it. This is what sets this Spyderco knife from its competitors in the market since its ergonomic design and functionality both add to the outstanding user experience you can expect from this product.

Sharpness of the blade is maintain using the company’s very own CATRA machine, which helps determine edge retention. Rust development and amount of force required to close and open the knife are also assessed carefully during the manufacturing of this product. So, once you find these knives in stores, you can be sure that the overall quality has passed strict standards from the design process to manufacturing and the moment it reaches your doorstep.


  • Superior finish
    The finish is non-reflective and elegant, at the same time. You will appreciate the fact that just by the physical appearance of this knife, you can tell that it is bound to last for a number of years.
  • Very sharp blade
    The knife has gone through a long series of process to make sure the blade is sharp enough to meet your expectations. The material used is a hard type of steel that holds edges longer, which makes it highly functional even when you fail to sharpen it frequently.
  • Blade stays tight and secure
    Whether you open or close this folding the knife, the blade remains perfectly tight. There is no movement or looseness when you use the knife, and this gives you the assurance that it is just as solid as you want it to be.


  • Non-beveled edge of the opening
    For some users, it may take some time to get used to the non-beveled feature of the opening hole’s edging. Those who are not familiar with this design may need to experiment on how to get the knife close and open smoothly.
  • Shorter blade
    If you are more particular about hunting knives with a longer blade, then this product may not fit the bill. The blade length is not that long, yet it is sharp enough to do the job right.

For a reliable pocket knife that will last for years, this product is a great option. Its ultra-sharp blade will never disappoint you, and it fits tightly to ensure you of a precise and solid cut.

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