Your Guide To Having The Best Garage Loft Storage


A garage is an important place because it’s the home of our vehicles and other essential tools. If you wish to store other items in your garage without occupying any floor space, then it might be time for you to add a garage loft storage. It’s perfect so that you can park your vehicles without any items on the way. With that, here’s your guide to having the best garage loft storage.

What’s The Importance of a Garage Loft Storage?

The space in your garage loft storage will make an excellent use to remove the items hanging over your car. If your area has enough space, a loft can be easily five to six feet deep and can provide sufficient space for your car’s windshield. The loft storage in your garage should have a building plan, just like the garage in an apartment. The sheltered parking should be on the main level while the loft upstairs can give extra storage to your items.

Unlike a garage in an apartment, the top level of the garage’s storage loft is commonly used to store items and tools. It is also typically unfurnished, it’s sometimes unfinished, and people can access it through a staircase they can pull down.

Factors to Consider Before You Get a Loft Storage For Your Garage

1. Space

If you are using your garage only to park your vehicles and only need a simple space for storage, it might be possible to have a garage loft. If your goal is to have a dual-purpose room that might compromise the garage loft storage and the living space, you might encounter problems with your headroom.

To follow with the building codes, the floor joist’s distance from the roof ridge should be a minimum of nine feet. But if you add a simple storage loft for your items, you might not need a building permit. Nonetheless, you should finish your ceiling for the safety of everyone.

2. Climate

What’s the expected climate in your area, and how low or high does the temperatures get? Depending on the weather condition in your residence, you should know what items you should consider storing. Different things, like your photographs and electronics, might not endure extreme changes in the temperature. Even if the storage is insulated, it’s not always sufficient to regulate the room’s temperature.

3. Type of Garage

The loft storage in a garage comes in different sizes and shapes. Commonly, the structure and space dimensions would matter if it’s possible to add or not a loft storage system in your garage. For example, if the ceilings of your garage are too low, it’s wiser to add overhead storage than loft storage to your garage.

4. Budget

The last factor you need to consider in having a garage loft storage is knowing your budget. The question would be, how much money will you spend to have a garage storage loft? The answer to that would depend on different factors. The cost might vary from the loft design you want and depending on your project’s complexity and how large is the loft itself.

Unless you know how to build a garage storage loft, it’s always recommended to let professionals do the work for you and ensure that the storage loft is durable and entirely made. In addition to that, while different projects will cost people differently, it’s wise to request a project quote from a contracted builder on the spot.


If you want the perfect garage organized and can store the items you want to keep, you might need to add a garage storage loft. It’s ideal if you plan to place extra items on your garage without consuming the vehicles’ floor space.

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