Beginner’s Guide to Kenshi Get your first steps off on the right foot!


We have a huge number of RPG and open world games available for you to enjoy a good time. With different game styles, mechanics, contexts, etc. However, after trying Kenshi we fell in love with everything it has to offer, with many elements of Mad Max and Dune, this post-apocalyptic sandbox is simply amazing. That’s why we feel the need to bring a Kenshi guide for beginners and tell everything that this interesting title can offer.

It is a role-playing game in a very interesting open world, it allows us to enter this world as we wish. We can be a warrior, miner, bandit leader, slave, assassin, farmer, merchant, or whatever comes to mind.

Whether we build a city, travel with a backpack and a sword, we can do whatever we want. So much freedom though, can make beginning Kenshi players overwhelmed with so many possibilities.

Kenshi Guide for Beginners: Wanderer is the best to start

When we are creating the character, we are given the possibility to choose between 13 principles as a starting character. However, once we start playing, we can be whatever we want.

But depending on the start we choose, we will be in very different positions that will affect the currency, the equipment, skills and even the size of the group. Various options make the starting game more complicated than other starts.

For this reason, the best way to start is with the Wanderer. We start in the center, a city of the outlaws of the Sacred Nation of the Frontier Zone, Wanderer starts with a score of 1 in all of his abilities.

understand what surrounds us

Around the Center or Hub, we will find a large amount of copper and iron, another advantage of choosing Wanderer to start. When we play Kenshi it is essential to observe our surroundings and understand what is offered to us in terms of resources, trades and above all, opportunities to build facilities; most important: potential threats.

We will have to explore around the city, look for copper and iron from the mines, in case we feel threatened, have a safe place to go.

In the same way as other cities, we will find several intact or damaged buildings that we can acquire. Granted, owning an estate can be a bit pricey, but it does have one major advantage over having an outpost to drop into should you need it.

In case bandits or other troublesome beings attack; the Hub or Center offers us high-rise walls and defenders of the city. The advantage of security is a factor that we must take into account at the beginning of the game and we must not leave it aside. Acquiring a house and building a research area will give us access to different technology that will be necessary for us to live an optimal adventure and enjoy all the content of the game.

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