Beat Best is born, the sports nutrition app that launches recommendations in real time


beat best app

In a first phase, the app is aimed at runners, cyclists and swimmers, with the goal of expanding the scope to other sports in the future.

(1-3-2022). The sports nutrition app provides personalized nutrition and hydration recommendations for the user and the moment of sports practice in which they are.

Best Beat is presented as a sports nutrition app that helps athletes improve their performance through personalized sports nutrition and hydration recommendations before, during and after each training session or race.

The app, initially aimed at runners, cyclists and swimmers, provides easy-to-understand instructions prepared by a team of sports nutritionists and sports professionals who work with both amateur and elite athletes.

Specifically, it makes recommendations for the right amount of nutrients and hydration that is needed before, during and after a sport session, whether it is a training session or a race.

The goal is to offer the same personalized service that a nutritionist would provide, but at a more affordable price. “According to Cronoshare, the average price of a session with a sports nutritionist is around 50 euros, Beat Best wants to position itself as a sports nutritionist accessible to all athletes”, says Françoise de Valera, amateur trail runner and co-founder of Ultra UX, company that created the Beat Best app.

“The Beat Best team has worked on developing the app’s functionalities in close collaboration with a group of nutritionists and physical trainers. After many months of work, a complex algorithm has been implemented that takes into account the data of the athlete, their profile and their physical characteristics, as well as the details of the sports session that they will carry out, to offer the athlete recommendations tailored to their needs” , Add.


Under the motto “Plan, eat, perform”, Beat Best helps the athlete to reach their maximum potential in each training session or race, feeding and hydrating their body in a scheduled way to go further and enjoy their sport more.

To begin with, the athlete must answer a series of questions and provide physical data such as sports profile, goal kilometers and hours of weekly training or how active they are in their day-to-day life, as well as their preferred sporting discipline, at the moment, to choose between running, cycling and swimming.

To start receiving recommendations, the user must enter the data of the sport session that he plans to do. Once done, in this first version, Beat Best will provide you with a recommendation of the amounts of nutrients and hydration that you should consume before, during and after the session, along with an extensive list of suggestions: foods such as bananas or juice orange, electrolytes, bars and gels, isotonic drinks, jellies, recuperator, etc.

The app includes product recommendations from the WIN IT, 226ers and Mulebar brands and, in its future versions, it will expand its proposal with more options for the user.

Real-time alerts

The app offers live support to the athlete, indicating the time remaining until the next shot. “It works like a real-time calculator that measures the amount of nutrients and hydration you need to replenish for optimal performance and recovery. In future versions, in addition to the generic recommendations, the athlete will be presented with recommendations for specific sports nutrition products, which provide him with the nutritional values ​​he needs for that specific training session or race, and which can also be purchased through the app. ”, says Valera.

In addition, Beat Best encourages the practice of sports with BB Mood, which assesses the feeling of well-being associated with the sports activity carried out and graphically shows the user how exercise influences their mood, energy and motivation. “We are working on expanding this functionality for future versions with an R+D+i project that we are now launching,” adds de Valera.

Sports coaching app

At its launch, it offers recommendations for runners, cyclists and swimmers, although the goal is to add many other sports disciplines; also, recommendations of specific products and the possibility of acquiring them through the app, in addition to offering additional services of interest to the athlete in the future. “We aspire to be the reference sports coaching app for athletes, starting with the nutrition and hydration of both professional and amateur athletes, and we want to know the opinion of our users, to know what they find most useful about the app, what they miss from less and grow together, incorporating the functionalities that they need most in future versions”, concludes Françoise de Valera from Beat Best.

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