“BdF MAX” is released


After 12 years helping amateur photographers around the world to learn photography, at BdF we have just taken a new step that will completely revolutionize the way people learn and practice photography.

This week we have brought to light our most groundbreaking and ambitious project to date: BdF MAX, the new platform where you will be able to learn and practice photography without limits.

BdF MAX is a platform that we are launching today and that includes:

Our photography MasterClass. Our complete photographic library (right now we have 18 titles). Our digital photography course. Our Lightroom course. All our Presets in direct download. Exclusive access to our Private Community (forums).

From this very moment you will be able to access all this premium content for a single price that we have tried to make extremely affordable and available to absolutely everyone.

As if that were not enough, we have also decided to include our new “PhotoTutor” service, our flagship within BdF MAX.

FotoTutor is a private space where you can have a direct and private dialogue with a photography tutor, and where you can raise your personal questions, ask for guidance, advice, or simply send a photo so that I or someone from my team can give you tips to improve your photography skills.

As you can see, BdF MAX is a kind of “all-inclusive” PASS where, in addition to accessing an open bar for all our premium training content (books, courses, masterclasses, presets, etc.), you can also participate in conversations on group with other users like you, within our Private Community, or initiate individualized consultations and let yourself be advised by our PhotoTutors.

We have decided to baptize this new platform with the name BdF MAX, because we truly believe that it is the best way to maximize photographic learning. BdF MAX is “Photography at its best”.

Despite the astronomical value it provides, the BdF MAX subscription will cost infinitely less than the value it provides.

BdF MAX It is that interactive community that I always dreamed of being a part of and that today I have the pleasure of inaugurating. I want photography to become something accessible and available to everyone.

If you like photography, experience it to the fullest at BdF MAX.

I leave you all the information here.

See you inside.

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