BCRI11 shareholders give up again the meeting to change management of the FII; fund wants name of the authors of the proposal


Investors holding 6.69% of shares in FII Banestes Recebíveis Imobiliários (BCRI11) once again gave up the call for an extraordinary general meeting (AGE) to exchange the current fund manager for Suno Gestora.

The decision was confirmed in a material fact released by the fund, on Friday night (22). On the same day, Banestes DTVM – current manager – expressed dissatisfaction with the attempted change and announced that it would seek the names of those responsible for the proposal, who initially requested anonymity.

This is the second time the group has asked for the meeting to be convened and, days later, gives up. The last request had been made on July 15, recalls the fund’s statement to the market, which did not provide details on the decision to cancel the request.

Minutes after the disclosure of the material fact, the current management of Banestes Recebíveis Imobiliários indicated that it was surprised with the second request to change the management of the fund.

The position is part of the management report released by the portfolio also on Friday night (22), which highlighted, among other points, the results obtained by the current managers of the FII.

“The fund has a highly diversified portfolio that has delivered excellent and consistent results over its seven years of existence”, the text points out.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the management details, the fund showed a return of 30.5%, with a share appreciation of 3.8%. In the period, the IFIX – B3’s most liquid real estate funds index – accumulated a negative result, the fund calculates.

The management team also noted that there was a 78% growth in the fund’s net worth between November 2020 and May 2022. Banestes Recebíveis Imobiliários was also elected the third best FII by the InfoMoney-Ibmec Ranking 2021, recalls the management team .

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Also in the management report, Banestes DTVM says it respects the interests of all the fund’s shareholders and is open to dialogue. However, he considers that he never received any complaints regarding the work of the managers.

In the text, the manager recalls that, five days before the new request to convene the AGE, there was a withdrawal from a first attempt, which would have the same purpose – the change of management.

The current management also complains that, in addition to never having sought the fund, the group of investors responsible for the request requested anonymity in the process. Dissatisfied with the position of the shareholders, Banestes DTVM asked the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to disclose those responsible for the proposal to change the management of the fund.

“The CVM required the trustee to disclose the names of the applicants in this new attempt and we reinforce the request for identification of the bidders in the first attempt”, points out the management report.

In the document, Banestes DTVM also claims to have observed atypical negotiations with the fund’s shares during the period in which the request to call a meeting was made.

With seven years of existence, Banestes Receivíveis currently has a net worth of almost R$ 670 million. The portfolio comprises certificates of real estate receivables (CRI), 86.6%, shares of other FIIs, 9.9%, and investment funds, 3.5%.

On the 15th, the fund deposited BRL 1.47 per share, a monthly dividend yield of 1.34%, the highest in the last 12 months, as shown on the portfolio’s page on InfoMoney.

Source: InfoMoney

Currently, the base of FII Banestes Recebíveis Imobiliários shareholders totals 47,113 investors, of which 47,013 are individuals and 100 are corporations.

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