Basic Excel formulas that we should know for their enormous use


Microsoft Excel is one of the programs that we most commonly find on most user computers. Belongs to the Microsoft Office Suiteand its mode of operation focuses on working with spreadsheets and numerical data.

All of this can be extremely useful both in domestic and more professional environments. This allows us to carry out basic calculations that we need in our day to day, or manage all the accounting of a company. To a large extent, the benefit that we will get from this application will depend on the knowledge that we have of it. It is true that completely mastering this complex solution from the software giant is not an easy task. However, if we accumulate some experience and have a little patience, we can get great results here.

In addition to the numerical data with which we usually work in this software solution, the integrated functions are also important here. Specifically, we are referring to the different formulas that we can use here to carry out all kinds of calculations and operations in Excel. The number of these elements available is very high, some more basic and others advanced for the most professional.

It is evident that inexperienced users or users who use the program for relatively basic functions do not need to use the more complicated functions. It is precisely for all this that we are going to talk about the formulas that are most often used at the end user level in this Microsoft program. They will help us to carry out basic and simple calculations and get the most out of Excel.

These are the most used Excel formulas

To take a first-hand look at all the formulas available in the Microsoft program, we just have to open the application and look at its main menus. At the top of the initial interface we find precisely an option called Formulas. Here we will see several drop-down lists corresponding to the categories of these so that we can see their name and format.

But with everything and with it, let’s see in these lines what are the most common and used Excel formulas that you should know.

SUM: is a basic Excel function that helps us to add multiple values or cells. VLOOKUP: This function is used to search in a certain data matrix we specify in its structure. SUM.IF: here some values ​​are added if they meet the condition indicated in the definition of the formula. COUNTIF: This formula focuses on count cells in range indicated therein. These cannot be blank and must comply with the exposed condition. AVERAGE: it returns the value of the arithmetic mean of the cells or range of cells that we have specified. MAX and MIN: as you can imagine these two proposals help us to know which is the highest and lowest value from an array of data that we specify in the formula. RANDOM.BETWEEN: as its name suggests, here we will obtain a Random number among others the two values ​​that we indicate to the function. TODAY: returns the current date, very useful in certain Excel spreadsheets.

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