Barcelona will invest 26.7 million to create the Blue Pavilion on the seafront



Barcelona will set up different spaces and venues on the seacoast to adapt them to sports practice: it will be the Blue Pavilion

(04-06-2022) Barcelona will enable different spaces on its seafront to turn it into a series of multipurpose spaces that will make up the so-called Blue Pavilion. The City Council will allocate 26.7 million euros to this project.

Barcelona is committed to reinforcing the sporting activity that takes place on its coastline. The City Council has today presented the Blue Pavilion project, an initiative through which sports practice will be articulated and valued throughout the seafront. Along 5 kilometers of coastline, 40 different sports modalities will be articulated.

The council will dedicate 26.7 million euros to this project, which includes up to 17 educational centers and 46 spaces, marine areas and sports facilities.

The Blue Pavilion, a project that the Barcelona Sports Councilor, David Escudé, spoke about in an extensive interview on CMDsport, will be the largest outdoor sports space in the city. It will include new access to the Port, the Olympic Port, the marine platform and all the Barcelona beaches.

This project was born with the desire to promote and improve the seafront as the great space for outdoor sports practice in Barcelona. Multiple formats of sports activities will coexist there. The City Council wants citizens to bet on practicing more sports on the seacoast.

“We are taking a step to revolutionize the sports uses of the coast, we are ‘maritimizing’ the residents of the city, democratizing and socializing sports that until now were seen as alien or elite and that should be the opposite”, Escudé pointed out in the project presentation.

The Olympic Port will have a new focus and will be the engine for promoting the sport, reinforcing the role of the Municipal Sailing Center, which will be complemented by the new Center del Mar to be built.

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