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In order to promote technologies, products and services that provide innovative solutions to the current challenges of the energy industry, the Colbún generator participates with the category called “Energy Colbún”

Santiago de Chile.- Under the motto “Innovate to transform”, the nominations for the twelve categories of the Avonni National Innovation Award began, among which is “Energía Colbún”.

In this regard, Diego García, manager of Colbún Innovation, states: “We invite the entire energy innovation ecosystem to see us as an ally and also as a laboratory where they can test their technologies, products and services, in addition to having all our support of resources, knowledge and human capital. The energy industry has experienced, is experiencing and will experience great transformations and we believe that innovation can be the bridge that helps to better face this ‘adaptive challenge’ that we are experiencing”.

For her part, Francisca Martin, Executive Director of ForoInnovación, declares: “This year our challenge is to identify and promote through this award the best innovation projects that are sustainable and that involve communities in their creation and implementation” Francisca Martin points out.

The Colbún Energy category seeks to reward progress in four areas of development:

Clean and low-cost energy production. Secure and intelligent networks that solve large data management, new markets, supply, traffic and energy congestion. Efficiency, measurement and storage: devices and ideas that allow energy consumption to be tracked, managed, reduced or adapted. Projects, initiatives or public and/or private campaigns that promote the use and value of energy as a fundamental contribution resource for society and care for the environment, allowing progress towards an energy transition in a safe, competitive and sustainable manner.

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