5 tips to Avoid Unnecessary Meetings


Avoid Unnecessary Meetings: Meetings are not always useful.  There are certain instances when a meeting is unnecessary (more about this in another post).  So, how to say no to meetings that add little or no value to you or your work?

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings
Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

5 steps to say no to meetings

1. Suggest an Email

If someone invites you to have a meeting on some topic then try suggesting the following:

I will work on it and send you an email with a suggestion within a day.  Does that sound good?

I am totally held up this week.  Can we have a discussion on this topic over mails?

2. Brief Discussion on Phone

If someone invites you for a physical meeting, try calling them up and close the topic over a brief discussion.  This saves a lot of time spent in physical meetings (think finding rooms, commuting, etc.)

3. Delegate it to the Most Appropriate Person/Team

If you are an optional participant or not the right person to take a decision on the topic, delegate it to the most appropriate person or team

4. Try squeezing the Meeting into 30% of its Original Duration

If nothing works out, then try squeezing the meeting into 30% of its original duration.  If the meeting is scheduled for 1 hour – try countering to make it 20 minutes.  This forces the meeting chair to be terser and keep the meeting focused

5. Say ‘No’ – Decline the Request

If nothing works and you see absolutely no value in attending the meeting – either Decline the Request with suitable justification or don’t show up for the meeting.  Sometimes this is hard but much better than the time lost in an unnecessary meeting


I hope guys you from now onwards you can easily avoid unnecessary meetings using the above-mentioned tips. If you found this article is helpful to others don’t forget to share this article with your loved one.

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