8 Leading Aviation Watches You Should Buy


When Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian pilot, asked Louis Cartier to develop a watch explicitly for him, he did so in pursuit of an easier-to-read version. Bold digits, a wide dial, and a straightforward style were all desired by the pilot in mid-flight, and Cartier’s final model was just what Alberto was searching for.

This happened in 1904. Since then, the pilot watch has developed, adding a modern, trendy, and fashionable design without losing the initial idea. Not only do the finest pilot watches top out the finest of uniforms, but they’re also sensible for aviation. Here are the top 10 pilot watches for you to consider. Find some of the current 15 pilot watches.

Oris Big Crown – Pointer Date

Oris started producing pilot timepieces in the 1910s at the advent of aviation and has been a giant in the field since then. The Oris Big Crown is one of the best collections of Oris where most of their signature designs will be found- that includes Pointer Date.

Pointer Date was introduced in 2018 and inspired by the iconic pilot’s watches of the brand. It provides a retro take on the Big Crown series with a coined bezel, exquisite dial colors in green, blue, and black. And a fourth date hand is pointing to the date throughout the border of the dial.

Farer Automatic GMT

Since 2015, the UK-based Farer company has mixed keen mid-century looks with quirky color pops. The Automated GMT was the first use of automatic movement by the brand. Farer used ETA 2893-2 at a particularly low price with some slightly eccentric colors. It gives a sleek design even though it doesn’t have a spinning bezel as other GMTs have.

Archimede Pilot 39

Archimede produces many pilot watches with more aeronautical-themed complexities — for instance, the 42 GMT and Pilot Chronograph— than this basic three-handed version. And, while the 39 Bronze has been there for a number of years, its basic dial style and plain bronze case are both ageless and have an ETA 2824-2 automatic action workhorse.

Sinn 104 ST SA I A

Sinn considers it a “vintage pilot watch,” and it is. There are a spinning bezel and accurate second labels, plus a Sellita motion that is immune to pressure adjustments. This edition, our favorite yet, has an electroplated anthracite-style sunburst dial. Watch enthusiasts value Sinn as it offers consistency and durability at a reasonable price.

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Aluminum

In 2013, Hamilton launched the Pilot Pioneer in stainless steel as a salute to the RAF pilots. It had a Valjoux motion and a nice asymmetric case, valued at $2000. Its Aluminum version launched the next 2 years, stays a fascinating look at the pilot watch theme; the incredibly light weight of aluminum makes it very comfy.

Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic

Alpina’s mid-range pilot watch was finally pinned down. Its dial finish and style are readable and timeless; its hands are exceptional and classy; the case size is perfect; the crown is beautifully large.

Every first-time pilot’s watch buyer will scope out the brand’s whole range and find anything from its chronographs to its inexpensive regressions. However, the Startimer Pilot Automatic is a lifeblood watch at the appropriate cost.

Damasko DS30

“Sleek” is not typically the domain of the pilot’s watch. In reality, Damasko, a German brand that has been a do-it-all darkhorse in a few decades, prefers to produce military-inspired watches larger than 40 mm in diameter.

The DS30, just 39 mm and less than 10 mm wide, ends the string. The basic black-and-white dial rounds out a compact, worthy set. And as we have previously found out, this is a perfect unisex watch. Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom

The creativity of the Citizen is continuously being passed on to customers. Take, for example, the Satellite Wave GPS watch— it’s driven by the Eco-Drive movement of the company.

The GPS feature enables precise timekeeping, wherever you are, rather than using a navigation device. This basically determines your location, so as you reach the time zone line, this sets the time of the watch for you wherever you are in the world.

MKII Cruxible

The Cruxible is an effort by MK II to respect the retro American watch style. The watch is a reference to the A-11, a navigating watch carried mainly by soldiers in the US Army. The Cruxible has wide readability numbers, a broad crown, an inexpensive rate, and a plain, understated style that is the trademark of the company.


Not only are these timepieces amazing, but they will hold pilots at the peak of their play.

Although today’s pilot watches are largely identical in design, there are also technical variations that set them distinct from the common watches.

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