“At Oss Fitness we seek to generate maximum trust among our client gyms”


(1-9-2022). Rafik Es Soufi Naceur has been at Oss Fitness for fifteen years, where he entered as a fitter. This Moroccan is especially proud that with the work carried out by the company’s Assembly and Technical Service department, they help “customers trust the brand more and gain their loyalty”.

Born on September 9, 1980 in Azilal (Morocco), Rafik Es Soufi Naceur joined Oss Fitness at the age of 27. After his beginnings as an assembler, fifteen years later he holds the highest responsibility for the Assembly and Technical Service department of this Jaén company led by Rafael Rodríguez.

Rafik Es Soufi Naceur is particularly satisfied with the “seal of quality that we guarantee to the client from Oss Fitness”. According to him, he adds, “the work of my department is key for customers to trust the brand more and to gain their loyalty”.

After fifteen years working at Oss Fitness, he assures that the main lesson learned in the company is linked to “daily learning and the desire to improve on a daily basis”, because, as he argues, “this is a sector in continuous technological advance, which forces constantly update yourself to master the work you do”.

What are the main tasks carried out by the Oss Fitness assembly and technical service department that you lead?

Our department is the first to receive the machines supplied by our suppliers or manufactured by us. We review the assembly and engineering manuals and assemble them to test them and verify that they have arrived correctly.

They are assembled following the manufacturer’s manual and the machines are aligned and calibrated. Then, we test them to see how they work and verify that they are in perfect condition, taking into account the angles, the muscles that have to be worked on that machine, if both sides are in the same shape… biomechanics in general.

Once we have checked it and everything is correct, it goes to the logistics department for packaging and shipping. We follow the same procedure in those customer orders in which the machines are sent already assembled.

As for cardio equipment, it requires a much greater effort, since each machine has different fault codes and particular characteristics that are different for each one. For this reason, specific prior training is necessary for this type of equipment.

Finally, we are also in charge of offering our clients basic training so that they can know what state their gym equipment is in and how to maintain it.


How many people work in that department?

We are a team of 9 people: Youseef, Rachid, Claudio, Rida, Yassir, Antonio Luis, Ángel, Francisco and me.

We try to carry out our day-to-day work in the best possible way. We consider ourselves as a pillar on which the company stands. We assemble, install and maintain the range of Etenon Fitness products, in addition to repairing the machines when required. We consider ourselves a department with a close relationship between the Commercial Department and the Logistics Department of the same company.

What area does the apartment currently occupy? Is it higher than before Oss Fitness moved to its new facilities?

It currently occupies about 100 square meters. The current space is much larger than what we had in the previous ship.


To what extent has this change of facilities improved your work and your department’s service to customers?

We have gained in comfort and in being more operational. For example, in those gyms that have wide and spacious entrances, which are around 80% of our clients, we already send them the assembled and palletized machines. We assemble them at the headquarters and they arrive ready to be placed in the installation.

On the other hand, when we were in the other warehouse, as we had less space, in 95% of the cases we assembled them at the client’s house, assuming more assembly days, more time away from home for the assemblers and more cost for our clients. .

Access to spare parts has also improved. Now the availability of parts to finish assembling a machine or to fix it is managed much faster.


Every time Oss Fitness includes a greater number of brands and, therefore, of products in its catalogue. How has that affected your operations?

The truth is that for us it is an advantage, because in the end we handle a lot of material and many brands and that requires training, learning and updating. Thanks to that, we consider ourselves more professional. With each brand that enters the company, we are trained in the department, with me being the first person in charge and then transferring the knowledge to the rest of my colleagues.

Having this daily learning, it is not a problem to have so many products in the catalogue. Thus our work is never routine, it is changing, in full progress and constant evolution to be updated with what the market demands.

Have they suffered or are they suffering from the supply problems that the entire industry is having? How have they solved and solve them?

Well, the truth is that these supply problems in the industry have not affected us that much. We always knew and were able to intervene in time. For example, when there was a transport and trucking strike, we sent enough material to the client’s house two weeks in advance.

When it comes to air transport, land transport, for the request of parts, spare parts, etc, more than ever, having Etenon Factory, a factory next to our workshop, we have resorted to our own part manufacturing to avoid waiting up to a month to arrive. We solve problems ourselves, with engineers, turners and other colleagues, creating the parts we need.


Do you have home assembly service for gyms? Does this type of service have any singular peculiarity?

Much of our work is precisely this, assembly at home. Although we assemble in the warehouse, as I have explained before, we always go, even if it is to deliver the merchandise, position it, explain to the client the operation of our machines, deliver the manuals and maintenance of the machines.

And if we assemble at the client’s house, there is no assembly the same as another because the space is never the same as another, as well as each client, which is different from one another. We have seen everything, there are easy assemblies, others more difficult, more than anything due to the issue of access such as steps, narrow entrances.

We have a colleague who is in charge of contacting the client in advance to obtain information about access, entrance measurements, location for downloads… We adapt the assembly to these circumstances. For example, it is not the same to set up a gym on the first floor (everything will be disassembled) than in a warehouse with a large and easily accessible gate in which we will send most of the machines already assembled.


And for sales made to the final consumer?

Our work affects sales to the final consumer as well as to professionals, we are key in customer loyalty and experience, since we translate into reality what the sales team has sold and what has generated expectations.

In addition, we explain the operation of the equipment, its maintenance, we give you the user manuals… We simplify it in such a way that the customer is very satisfied. We are an ally for the commercial.

In the case of the final consumer, we must be more careful with the issue of access, unevenness, size of elevators, etc. And we also have less space to mount equipment. But 99% of the assemblies we carry out are for professionals.

What general recommendations would you highlight for customers with a view to optimizing the maintenance of their equipment?

We recommend that our clients strictly follow our instructions and if they do, which is not much that we ask or advise, that will triple the life of their machinery. The most important thing is cleanliness; this one is crucial.

The second, lubricate the equipment and, thirdly, have basic information on the maintenance of each of the equipment, to avoid breakdowns.

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