Asics launches a program to attract young trail running talents


(20-5-2022). Asics launches the search for talent in Trail running, with the selection of two athletes between the ages of 18 and 25 who will become part of its team of professional Trail athletes. Registration ends June 1.

Asics launches ‘Trail Elite Factory’, the first program to attract young trail running talents organized by a sports brand in Spain. With this initiative, the brand has set out to attract the next generation of professional Trail athletes.

The requirements to qualify for the program is to be between 18 and 25 years old and show passion and ambition for this sport, as well as a desire to be part of the Asics Trail Team of professional athletes.

The two winners will join the Asics Trail team and evolve alongside the brand’s professional athletes, such as Andreu Simón or Claudia Tremps.

In this way, “Asics ensures an excellent way to detect future elite runners and give young people a unique opportunity to sign with a brand of this level at the beginning of their career as an athlete,” they say from the sports company.


The two winners will obtain a professional athlete contract to join the Asics Trail team and will benefit from transversal and personalized support, both from the Asics team and its athletes. In addition, they will receive complete kits, technical advice, support in competition, and much more.

“Asics’ desire is to build a long-term relationship with these talents and accompany them at the highest level, giving them the opportunity they deserve. Being able to be part of a team that supports each other and motivates each other to give their best and achieve their goals”.


The registration period will last from May 10 to June 1, both days included. Those interested can register on the website After a first selection of all those registered, they will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their level and motivation in a selection day, next June 18 in a unique environment.

On the selection day, the athletes will test their skills with a 12km circuit and a technical test, as well as an interview with the Asics team. Participants will be evaluated on their running and technique, but also on their motivation and goals. At the end of the selection day, 12 participants will be classified for the grand final.

The 12 finalists will receive support from Asics for 3 months while they prepare for the final test, in addition to receiving complete kits – footwear, textiles and accessories – with which they can train and become familiar with the products.

Finally, they will meet again, on October 8 of this year, in an iconic landscape of the Pyrenees, to participate in the grand final. 12 runners, a unique circuit and all the attention of the Asics team and its professional athletes, focused on those who will be the future members of the AsicsTrail team. At the end, the two winners of the test will be named and presented with a professional brand contract.

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