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Thanks to the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, the installation of photovoltaic panels allowed energy savings for the production of excellent varieties in the Coirón Valley.

Coquimbo, Chile.- The Wayra artisanal wine (wind in the Quechua language), produced by enterprising women in the hills of Coirón, in Salamanca, is taking a key step in its objective to position itself in the market, with the incorporation of a photovoltaic system to contribute to the process of production and achieve a sustainable seal.

Through the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, they achieved 80 percent financing for the installation of 4 panels with a capacity of 1.34 kW, with which they literally saw the light, because even before this system they did not have electricity.

Alejandra Molina, from the Wayra Signorelli vineyard in Marquez, recounts that the venture started with her mother about 5 years ago, and that they have already won two international medals. “We are located on a ceremonial hill, where we have petroglyphs from different ancestral cultures, the idea is to rescue heritage through the products we are making. We did everything manually because there was no electricity, therefore, the white wine was crushed by the grapes and the red wine was shaken with our hands. But thanks to this project, our lives have changed more than 100 percent, because it has helped us with a little machine to do our work faster, light up and maintain a refrigerator.”

The vineyard wants to continue growing hand in hand with sustainability as they plan to plant other types of vines, have a dam and a drip irrigation system. “So the idea is to merge that with renewable energy,” he adds.

For her part, the Energy Seremi, María Castillo Rojas, stressed that “for us it is very important and gratifying to meet an enterprise made up of women, who with great perseverance have carried out their products with quality and work. For the Ministry of Energy, it is very important to lend a hand to SMEs, with a photovoltaic solution that can help them improve their quality of life, and lower their production costs. We want to support people who are undertaking so that they can get ahead with products that have a renewable seal.”19

In the latest version of the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, a total of 14 small businesses from different sectors in the Coquimbo Region obtained financing for 109 million pesos for the implementation of photovoltaic energy and hot water systems, which allow savings of resources and improvements in energy efficiency

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