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Platforms with AI allow predicting demand, reducing costs, reducing the carbon footprint, supporting communities, contributing to the local economy, generating social impact, optimizing the time dedicated to commercial procedures and improving the experience to find food along with promoting the local marketing, of those who produce the food offered.

Santiago de Chile.- In the world, there are more than 800 million food producers with great problems to market their products. 60% of their time is spent selling, they have zero economies of scale, low level of digitization, lack of knowledge of market demand together with low commercial management and traceability.

Faced with this problem, added to the concern of its founders – the commercial engineer Camila Gutiérrez and the Software Developer Carol Allende – to improve the quality of food, fair trade and a more sustainable society, they created ComeS.

ComeS, is a pending B startup born in the Bio Bio Region, which through its platform automates the sales process for small food producers and local farmers, through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and functions as a meeting place with its customers.

Likewise, it allows selling under a B2B logic (business to business, for its acronym in English) wholesale products, which today are found from the O’Higgins region, to La Araucanía, and which are delivered, through deliveries that arrive in any city in Chile.

For micro entrepreneurs and farmers, this generates visibility for their products, increasing customers and sales, which translates into an improvement in the economy and job development.

In addition, sales and logistics costs are reduced, by not depending on a warehouse, and it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, making these processes more sustainable.

Through the offer of artisanal and healthy products, a more sustainable food system is promoted in society with its respective traceability. “Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can predict demand, which allows our customers to reduce their costs, optimize their time dedicated to commercial and supplier management and generate a better experience to find food along with knowing where it comes from” , synthesize the co-founders of ComeS.

Exponential growth and scaling projections

During the first month of launch, the platform already had sales and its growth has been exponential, so its founders are currently raising an investment of 300 thousand dollars, in order to scale it, both nationally and internationally. “Thanks to technology, we have arrived at a scalable model that can be used anywhere in the world”, they point out.

ComeS bases its vision on the fact that eating should be healthy, sustainable and social, three pillars that guide its work. “We seek to democratize access to healthy food, contribute to food security and the development of sustainable enterprises related to food,” say its founders.

Along these lines, Gutiérrez and Allende add that “what we give to our body is not trivial, nor is the effect that its consumption has on the environment. Feeding ourselves is something we do every day, many times we know who fixes our car, but not who produces what we eat. We are convinced that it is necessary to have this information and as consumers to be able to make more informed choices, supporting fair trade and technological innovation.

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