Aossa is awarded a sports center in Paracuellos de Jarama after the withdrawal of BPXPort



The City Council of Paracuellos de Jarama has awarded the concession for the sports center that put Aossa Global out to tender

(17-6-2022) Aossa Global has been awarded the concession for the construction and service provision of the sports center that the City Council of Paracuellos de Jarama, a municipality located northeast of Madrid, put out to tender. The contract, valued at 37 million euros, was initially awarded to BPXPort, a company that ended up withdrawing its offer after the deadline for the tender expired.

An alleged administrative negligence in the City Council of Paracuellos de Jarama has allowed the sports services company Aossa Global to end up being awarded the concession contract for public works and operation of the sports center with an indoor pool and additional services on the municipal plot located on the street Picos de Europa in this Madrid municipality.

This contract, valued at 36.9 million euros and with a base budget of 4.7 million euros, was awarded to the Basque manager BPXPort, as CMDsport reported at the end of March. Their offer bettered that of Aossa, the other company that bid for this project. The City Council demanded a justification from BPXPort for the reckless dismissal presented. The company considered that there was a “dysfunction” between the data in the feasibility report of the specifications and the study provided.

BPXPort provided a justification in relation to aspects such as energy savings, management potential and user estimates. After having reviewed the documentation provided in the justification for the offer, the local administration concluded that “although it is a very optimistic position of the data, it is not impossible to achieve”. Thus, the Basque manager managed to get the City Council to end up accepting its offer. The consistory recognized that it accepted this proposal on March 24.

As provided for in both the Public Sector Contracts Law and the bidding document itself, the council had an administrative period of two months to award BPXPort this project. This, however, did not take place, which led to the withdrawal of BPXPort’s offer, leaving Aossa as the sole bidder.


On May 31, the Paracuellos de Jarama City Council approved the award of the sports center to Aossa. He did so with eleven votes in favor (Citizens, PSOE, PP and non-assigned councilor), five against (Vox, Somos Paracuellos and United We Can) and five abstentions (Citizen Initiative for Paracuellos and one non-assigned councilor).

One of the formations that voted against the award, VOX, called on the council to open an investigation to analyze what happened as well as a new tender “to safeguard the interests of the neighbors.” According to this political party, the municipal officials “failed to comply with their obligation to award the contract within the established period, causing the best offer to be withdrawn.”

This formation argues that the offer presented by BPXPort represented a decrease of 2 million euros with respect to the required subsidy, in addition to an increase in the annual canon to be paid to the city council of 10% on the minimum tender, which would have meant more than 200,000 additional euros of canon per year. For the total of the contract, it supposes that the City Council stops entering 3.2 million euros. In addition, it returned the property of the sports center to the council after 15 years of operation, 7 less than the 22 to which Aossa has been granted. This means, for the municipal coffers, a loss of another 4.2 million euros. In other words, the difference in offers will mean, for the council, an added expense of around 9.5 million euros with respect to the BPXPort offer.


The sports center will have two swimming pools. One of them will have semi-Olympic dimensions, while the other will be used for beach training. It will also have a thermal spa, a fitness room of 700 square meters and three rooms for collective activities, with a total area of ​​525 square meters. In addition, it will have six tennis courts and a multipurpose court. The plot has a total area of ​​12,500 square meters.

With more than 30 years of experience, Aossa Global is a company based in Seville that provides sports, socio-educational and welfare services throughout the Spanish territory. They currently work in 14 sports centers throughout Andalusia, Catalonia, the Community of Madrid. They will soon be released in the Canary Islands, where they have been awarded the management of different municipal complexes in La Oliva and Corralejo.

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