Top 10 Best Android apps for boosting mobile network and Wi-Fi signals


Ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car breakdown and no mobile signals? Or has your Wi-Fi connectivity been lack luster in the basement? No matter which service provider we use or whatever high quality router we purchase it is inevitable that we will face mobile and Wi-Fi signal issues from time to time. While there is a manual method of trying to get things done by jumping around the room, we advise against it! A better alternative is to simply use a mobile/Wi-Fi signal boosting app.

Top 10 internet speed and mobile signal boosting apps for android

01. Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Speed Booster is perhaps one of the best Android apps for boosting mobile network signals. This app does not require any complex configurations and all you have to do is to start the app whenever you are facing signals issues from your service provider. Network Speed Booster will then search and connect you with the best available cell phone tower with the best possible signal quality. Network Speed Booster is arguably the easiest cell phone network boosting app for Android as the entire signal calibration and connectivity is done automatically. During the connectivity process you are provided with an alert for each step being taken, including connectivity and search for the best available tower and calibration of your phone radio.

Like most Android apps the free version of Network Signal Speed Booster does come with some annoying ads. However, you can buy the ads free version (Network Signal Speed Booster P) to get rid of this annoyance.

02. Network Booster Free

Another good application for boosting mobile network signals on your Android device is Network Booster Free. While it may not have graphics as attractive as Network Signal Speed Booster but it gets the job done just as well. In fact, users have even claimed that they were able to get signals in dead zones.

The usage of this app is also more or less automatic. The app starts by showing an incomplete Android which begins assembling as the signal boosting process proceeds further. Once your signals have been boosted the Android image gets fully completed with an “Enjoy your faster phone message”. In other words, the app does everything for you and keeps you amused with some interesting (if not very attractive) graphics. There is also a paid version of this app worth $2.99, however no additional details have been given by the developer regarding its functionality. This probably means that it’s simply an ads free version.

03. quick internet speed booster

If your service provider is known to provide a poor quality service or mobile network signals stutter in certain areas that you require frequently visiting, then upgrading to a 3G or 4G network may not do you much good. In such a case what might be the best alternative is to rather calibrate your mobile device to the best possible tower nearby. The quick internet speed booster app has been designed to improve your mobile network and internet speed by adjusting your mobile connections to get the best out of a nearby tower.

Unlike other mobile network apps, quick internet speed booster not only enhances network signals, but also optimizes mobile tower signals to improve your internet speed, data transfer rates and call quality. It must be noted that this app has been designed keeping in mind many global service providers, which makes it more robust. For example, some of the service providers mentioned by the developer include carriers like AT&T, Telenor, Vodafone and Airtel, which function in a number of Asian and European countries. The quick internet speed booster app costs $1.91.

04. OpenSignalMaps

OpenSignalMaps is one of the most comprehensive Wi-Fi and mobile network signal finding applications on Google Play. Other than Wi-Fi, it supports 2G, 3G, 4G, as well as GSM and CDMA networks. OpenSignalMaps provides signal detection, graphs, signal strength information, map and radar view of available Wi-Fi devices and cell phone towers.

Other than currently available information the developers of OpenSignalMaps have also encouraged the community to provide information about available Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers. In the past we have seen a number of community based applications enhance the accuracy of information regarding available resources in the vicinity and OpenSignalMaps seems to be no different.

The Overview tab of this app displays the current signal strength and the direction of the tower that you are connected to. Similarly, the Map and Graph sections display details of available towers and routers that you can connect to. You can also use the Speed tab to Save wireless access points and a maps of their locations by running a speed test for them.

05. Fresh Network Booster

While there are a number of Android apps that can boost your signal strength in time of need, they can often cause another issue after boosting your signals, i.e. draining your battery. It is quite likely that the need for boosting mobile signals will occur in a place where recharging your battery will not be easy. This includes dead zones, remote locations with little or no access to electricity and highways. In such a case the last thing that one wants after getting a decent signal is to end up with a dead battery.

Fresh Network Booster is an application that has been developed to act as a signal booster that does not hog your Android’s battery. This lightweight app not only ensures a signal boost in time of need but also offers better data speed. Fresh Network Booster has both a free and an ads-free paid version which costs $2.99.

06. WiFi Booster Easy Connect

Many offices and public places offer multiple wireless access points to ensure good Wi-Fi connectivity for users. However, there are always certain locations in such areas where two or more Wi-Fi connections overlap, which results in signals disruptions. Moreover, many a times the problem is not to connect to an open wireless access point but to find one.

If you are facing any of these problems then WiFi Booster Easy Connect is worth trying out. It provides connectivity with the best available Wi-Fi connection in two taps. The most useful aspect of this application is that it not only locates the best available Wi-Fi access point for you but also provides network speed boosting functionality. Furthermore, it also has the ability to remember Wi-Fi networks. The main interface of WiFi Booster Easy Connect provides the option to connect to a best remembered signal, connect to best open Wi-Fi, forget a wireless access point, boost Wi-Fi connection and to turn off Wi-Fi.

07. Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi is a wireless connection manager that automates the process of wireless network connectivity to save battery power. It uses information from cellular towers and your wireless access point and automatically turns off your Wi-Fi when it is not needed. This results in saving battery power, while ensuring that you are connected to the best available network. While Smart WiFi is not exactly a signal boosting application but it still provides features that ensure good Wi-Fi network connectivity. This because while the Wi-Fi is and signal searching is turned off when not needed, you are automatically reconnects you when you are in the vicinity of a saved hotspot. Uses can save up to 100 hotspots.

Smart WiFi is not meant to be a hard core signal boosting app, however if you simply need an app that can keep you connected to the best available hotspots from memory and save your battery power at the same time, then this is the right application for you. Smart WiFi is a paid app that costs $1.90.

08. Wifi Manager

Wifi Manager is another wireless connection management app that can help you stay connected to the best possible wireless access point and also boost your Wi-Fi signals. It comes with a graphical channel radar which helps users to locate open Wi-Fi networks. Wifi Manger provides two homescreen widgets that can be used to switch between networks and to acquire connection information. For the purpose of identifying networks more easily, you can even assign custom descriptions and icons to specific wireless networks.

Wifi Manager switches automatically between dynamic and fixed IP addresses and supports tablets in landscape mode. While most features of this app are free you can optionally purchase the premium package worth $1.75 via Google Checkout for more advanced per-network options, such as the option to add network description and icons. The free features of this app include scanning and connectivity to available networks, network list view, connection information and network signal radar.

09. DataBooster

Data Booster is an all in on app which can be used to get the best out of your Wi-Fi and mobile network. It automatically connects you to an open wireless access point on the go. The shift from your 3G or 4G connection is made as a background process which does not cause any major disruptions and helps you save bandwidth from your mobile service provider. The application makes use of the nearly 6 million locations present in Devicescape database for Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also use the Data Boost widget to keep an eye on the mobile data usage for your 3G or 4G data cap, as well as check data usage by each application. The latter can be quite useful in identifying applications that may be eating up your bandwidth.

Just in case you are wondering about possible speed boosting features, the app has that too. Data Booster comes with a speed boosting widget that can be used to test your connection speed. Furthermore, the apps locates and connects to the best available networks to provide users with good Wi-Fi speed.

10. Connection Checker

If you are looking for an application that can periodically check your signal strength and automatically fix it, then you need Connection Checker. While most apps require a manual intervention by the user to check and fix signal strength, Connection Checker automatically fixes your mobile and Wi-Fi network when it is down. This app is ideal for people who face regular drops in their mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity.

With Connection Checker you can not only automatically fix your network connectivity woes but also conserve battery life by staying connected to your Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Connection Checker has a free and paid version (worth $1.74) and works with all kind of mobile devices including Wimax, 3G, Wi-Fi and others.

The app was released in 2011 at the XDA Developers forum and since then a few extra features have been added to enhance its functionality. The extra more recent changes to Connection Checker include; the option to toggle Airplane mode and the mobile connection, stop network checks when Bluetooth is active and support for more languages.

Keeping in view the above arsenal of Wi-Fi and cellular network boosting applications, we hope that our readers will be able to accurately counter the connection disrupting trolls that keep eating their data packets!

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