Amazon Alexa – change the name and activation word

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The Echo devices from Amazon should be addressed with "Alexa". However, you can change the name of Alexa and address the device with a different activation word. The voice can also be changed. GIGA shows you how to change Alexa's name.

You'd think that you can just give Alexa a different name and then she'll listen – after all, there's an adaptive computer behind it, right? It's not that easy. For data protection reasons , the devices first only listen to the activation word before they connect to the Internet. The chip responsible for this is very simple and can only understand a handful of names for Alexa. This is how you change the selection …

Change Alexa's name and activate her with another word in the future

Of course you can change the Alexa name and so far there were four activation words available to you. In addition to “ Alexa ”, you can also address your Echo device with “Computer ”, “ Echo ” and “ Amazon ”. Soon it should also be possible to simply shout "Ziggy" instead. You can change the Alexa language just as easily.

You can only change Alexa's name on the Echo devices. If you use Amazon's assistant in your Fire TV stick, for example, the activation word cannot be toggled there.


How to change the Alexa activation word:

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. With iOS you now have to tap on the three dots above to open the menu. With Android it is the three horizontal lines under which " More " is written. Typed in the menu, select "Settings" and then "Device Settings". Select the Echo device whose Alexa name you want to change and then tap on the " Status " field. In the next window scroll down to the section " Activation word" and tap on it. The name “Alexa ” is currently listening to is also displayed there. Now you can choose the one you want from the four available activation words – “Ziggy” will be added soon.

You will now get a message that it may take a few minutes before the Alexa name is changed. To do this, you have to “flip a switch” over the Internet, so to speak. Then you can call your device as cool as Captain Kirk with "Computer", for example.

How can you give Alexa a male voice?

Since the November 2021 update, Alexa has been able to give you a male voice. The option is gradually arriving on every Echo device and you can then switch between the familiar female and a new male voice with a voice command or in the Alexa app.

This is how the voices sound in comparison:

In a separate article we have summarized how to switch Alexa's voice between female and male.

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