All Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Business or Agency


Instagram is arguably the most influential social media of the new age. Whether you are an influencer, a simple user or you have an Instagram page for your business or an agency you have a number of ways of using the platform for your gain. Instagram is built in a way that can benefit the growth and success of your business if you know how to use it. In order to get the most out of it, we offer you a short summary of all services Instagram currently has.

Posts. This is the most basic out of all Instagram packages. Being primarily a visual-oriented social media it is important to take the visual aspect of your Instagram presence very seriously. But that’s not all. Numbers matter as well. How big a post is measured by the number of Likes it gets. It should be mentioned here that you can have two types of posts on Instagram: pictures that get likes; and video content that gets views. The more the better you know the drill. Needless to say, on all types of posts on Instagram you need to do the tagging. Hashtags get you far.

Sponsored Ads. Instagram marketing is mostly free of charge but if you want to go an extra mile you can pay some cash in order to get the sponsored posts in both picture or a video format. This kind of post will show up on the timeline or the home page of users everywhere for the time being depending on the amount you are willing to pay. It is a great way to attract a wider audience to check out what you’re offering. Last thing you need to know about this is that Instagram explicitly shows the users when the post is sponsored.

Instagram Story. This option was introduced not long ago and it has gained increasing popularity among the users. Instagram shows you the who and how many people have viewed your Story, You can sponsor the Story the same way as posts. The story could include a picture, a video, or a combination of both, Filters are especially trendy on Story so you can think about using them as a part of your marketing strategy. When the date of the Story post expires you can simply upload a new one. And don’t forget to use the tags.

Instagram Live. Another newer option you can gain from can be achieved by going live on Instagram. Here too, you see the exact number of viewers and overall engagement you get. This is a flexible way to get in direct communication with your clients for whatever purpose. You can broadcast anything as long as the content doesn’t include anything illegal. You can invite guests to join your Life too. Think about it as your own TV channel, except it’s completely free. Businesses can only dream of such a thing.

Search Page. Last but not least, it is important to get on the search page. After their own timeline search page is what most users visit and spend lots of time checking on. If your post, Story, or Live goes viral you will most certainly end up being a part of the search page. Of course, Instagram filters what a particular user sees depending on their preferences and searched words but this is better for your agency or business. Your target group, interested in the type of services or products you offer will definitely come across something you have posted. In fact, most account engagements are gained exactly from search page discoveries.

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