After Petrobras’ ‘monster’ dividend, FII distributes R$ 5.65 per share; Understand


Another 110,000 investors will have many reasons to celebrate. This is the number of shareholders of the FII Alianza Trust Renda Imobiliária (ALZR11) which, on Friday night (16), informed the market that it will pay a dividend of R$ 5.65 per share on the 23rd of September. And more: like all real estate fund income, the value is exempt from income tax.

The value is well above the average of R$ 0.78 per share that is usually distributed – and it happened for an extraordinary reason: the FII Alianza Trust Renda Imobiliária concluded the sale of a property located on Avenida Nações Unidas, in the capital of São Paulo, leased to Clariant Brasil, a company in the chemical sector, after a long negotiation that began in April.

According to the material fact that informed about the sale and was disclosed on the previous Friday, the 9th, the property has a plot of approximately 32,800 square meters and a built area of ​​29,000 square meters.

In a management report, the FII reported that “this operation confirms an important thesis of the Fund, of not only allowing excellent income with high month-to-month predictability, but also of having assets of high real estate value, with potential generation of additional value to the our shareholders”, and announced that, at this moment, an extraordinary result of R$ 28.9 million will be distributed to ALZR11 shareholders.

(Source: ALZR/Reproduction)

Who will receive the dividend

Investors positioned until Friday (16th) will be entitled to receive the dividend. Holders of 5th issue receipts (not yet converted into shares) will also receive part of the distribution. Those holding ALZR13 paper will receive R$1.0195 per share and investors with ALZR14 will receive R$0.64795 per share.

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