Anything You Need to Know in Adding Watermark to Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF


A watermark looks like a stamp on electronic documents, and it’s most common on PDF files. If you have files in PDF format with your original content, a watermark will help you protect your files from unauthorized use, and it also implies that these files are yours. However, due to easy access to tons of files shared on the internet, it could sometimes be difficult to keep track of those people using your original PDF files.

You may find many available tools online to let you add watermark to your PDFs, but not all are reliable and safe. That’s why GogoPDF is made available online that offers free access to its add watermark tool, which is a perfect platform for you. Hence, continue reading the details below to know about GogoPDF as the best tool to add watermark to your PDF files.

Quickest Process

The best online tool to use is when it processes your request in the fastest possible way. Especially for busy people, the tools that use complicated processes with a long series of steps don’t usually work well for them. That’s why you have to use GogoPDF. With its simple steps, you can quickly add watermark to PDF online that’s completely free.

You only need to upload the PDF files that you want to add a watermark on the online tool of GogoPDF. After that, the system will then ask you to choose what watermark to use, either a plain text or an image. After you choose, you simply hit the “Add Watermark” button, so the system will start saving the changes you’ve made to your files.

The process won’t take much of your time. Just wait for a few minutes, and it’s done. You can now download your PDF files with a watermark to the file storage of your device. That’s how fast and simple it is to add a watermark to your files.

Add Your Personal Touch

One of the exciting features of the add-watermark tool of GogoPDF is that it allows you to personalize the watermark you want to use. You can use an image that you prefer, a simple visual pattern, or a plain text. When you choose the plain text, you can type in the exact word of your watermark, select its color, and pick the font style and size of your liking.

User-Friendly Platform to Use

Since all of the tools of GogoPDF are on its official website, you have to visit the site whenever you need the tool using your working and functional device connected to a stable internet service. These are the only requirements you need to meet so you can start using the add-watermark tool of GogoPDF.

You can also use whatever device you have. It could be a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and even the smartphone that you use every day. Besides that, the system also accepts any files either you’re using an Android or iPhone. On top of that, the website of GogoPDF utilizes a user-friendly web interface with easy-to-understand buttons and links that you can surely follow the simple steps in adding a watermark to your PDFs.

Safe Platform to Use

When using any online tools, the security of the information your PDFs contain must be the top priority. Your files may contain valuable data and information that you should not share with anyone else. Hence, the moment you upload your files on the online tool of GogoPDF to add a watermark, its smart system assures you that your files are safe.

After downloading your PDFs with new watermarks, GogoPDF will immediately erase all of the files you uploaded on its website. After sixty minutes or one hour, your files will be permanently deleted from its storage, leaving no trace at all. It’ll surely give you the confidence that your files are safe and secure in GogoPDF.


As previously mentioned, you may find many add-watermark tools online, but not all are safe and reliable. This entire article discusses a set of advantages of using GogoPDF for your files. Hence, if you need a watermark for your PDFs in the future, don’t forget to check and visit the official website of GogoPDF.

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