A key witness says Trump instigated the assault on Capitol Hill and wanted to join his supporters


Cassidy Hutchinson after giving her testimony at the commission investigating the assault on the Capitol. / Reuters

“I’m the fucking president, take me to the Capitol now!” or “I don’t give a shit that they have weapons” were some of the expressions launched by the then president of the United States, according to the assistant to the White House chief of staff

“I’m the fucking president, take me to the Capitol now!” They were the words that an enraged Donald Trump blurted out to members of his team when on January 6, 2021, a mob of supporters of the then president of the United States stormed Congress. The president’s attempt to get behind the wheel of a presidential limousine to join his supporters was revealed this Tuesday before the House of Representatives committee investigating the events by Cassidy Hutchinson, principal assistant to the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, in a new twist that confirms the White House tenant’s involvement in the attack.

It was White House counsel Pat Cipollone who prevented Trump from marching on Capitol Hill with his supporters. “We will be accused of all crimes imaginable if we make that happen,” he recalled that the lawyer warned. Likewise, Hutchinson, whose testimony has become the most explosive of the hearings so far, has assured that the then president and some of his main lieutenants were aware of the possibility of violence before the taking of the Capitol took place, contradicting claims that the attack was spontaneous and had nothing to do with the Administration.

According to his account, Trump did not care that his supporters carried weapons. “I was close to a conversation where I heard the president say something like, ‘I don’t give a shit if they have guns. They are not here to hurt me ‘”, he explained in statements collected by the NBC News network. For this reason, the head of the White House urged the Secret Service at that time to withdraw the security magnetometers.

Hutchinson also details other times when the former president, in the atmosphere of violence and chaos, threw a plate of food at the wall after the Justice Department rejected allegations of widespread voter fraud.

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