9 Storage Solution Ideas For A Tiny Kitchen Space


If you live in a city apartment where small kitchen space is a concern, you have to be resourceful and creative in maximizing it since it is one of the most used areas inside. When you want to utilize the whole necessary space, there are tons of ways to do it. You can squeeze more storage space out from your tiny kitchen by considering these helpful tips.

Invest For A Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

If you own tiny kitchen space, invest in a multi-purpose kitchen utility cart. The cart is best for your cooking ingredients, cutting boards, utensils, and even small appliances. This is an ideal storage solution that can surely spruce up more space inside your whole kitchen area while keeping things properly organized.

Utilize The Cabinet’s Open Side

Make use of the open side of your kitchen cabinet. Use it for smaller items such as cutting boards, knives, or magnetic strips. Orderly hand kitchen essentials and make sure that they are accessible when you need to utilize them.

Utilize An Oven As Your Storage

If you don’t usually use your oven, consider this as your handy storage solution. This is specifically useful if you are working with minimal cabinets. The oven will serve as your secondary storage for your cooling racks or baking sheets. Just don’t forget to take these things out before turning on your oven.

Add Shelves Inside Cabinets

Adding a shelf inside your cabinet is one of the best ways to keep things in order. Most kitchen cabinets don’t seem to have enough permanent storage, so the only way to get the most room is to add some expandable shelves inside, or even containers that hang just under the shelf.

Make A Rolling Pantry Between The Wall And Your Fridge

You can make your own rolling pantry if you have free space between the wall and your fridge. This tiny pantry for tiny space is best for storing a few kitchen essentials and canned goods. You can easily keep them without consuming a large area inside your kitchen.

Install A Folding Kitchen Table

A folding table serves multiple purposes. It can be a perfect spot to prepare and eat your meals without taking up a bigger space on your floor. It can also be your working desk, which you can easily fold when not in use. See? Imagine how much kitchen space you save just by using this foldable desk.

Build A Storage In A Nearby Room

This is especially helpful if you can’t find enough space to store a few more goods inside your kitchen space. Build a storage solution in a nearby room by using a closet or nook. It can be perfect for storing the tools you occasionally use and other pantry items. You can also use a curtain to keep this storage out of sight from your visitors, which keeps your interior neat and organized.

Consider Corner Shelving

Most kitchen corners are often unused in various homes. However, they can be the perfect shelving solution, primarily if you work with a minimal kitchen space. Give every corner of the kitchen a purpose by installing a few shelves for your kitchen goods, and even tools. It makes everything accessible. Thus, aside from saving more kitchen floor space, you can also save more time.

Store Your Pans Sideways

No matter how we try to organize our pots, they always seem to be jumbled and messy, making your entire space untidy. Visitors may give a negative impression on you. To keep your pans organized, store them sideways. You can also do this tip with your baking sheets, lids, and cutting boards.


A limited space is not a hindrance in accomplishing things that you have to do. There are tons of ways to maximize and make the best out of it. Consider these helpful tips if you have a small kitchen space inside your apartment or home. Organizing things is therapeutic. This is the best reason why you should always keep your items organized.

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