9-euro ticket: Greens & SPD want to continue, but one industry is suffering


Travel and long-distance bus companies such as Flixbus and “deinbus.de” are suffering from a drop in demand. picture alliance / JOKER | Karl Heinz Hick

Politicians are concerned about the continuation of the nine-euro ticket for local and regional trains because the relief is scheduled to expire in five weeks.

Green Party leader Ricarda Lang and SPD leader Saskia Esken have called for follow-up financing to be secured.

The association, which is responsible for travel and long-distance bus companies, is complaining about a drop in demand from important customer groups.

For another five weeks, the government will relieve citizens with the nine-euro ticket for local and regional trains. There is already a struggle over the question of what will come after that. Because: The nine-euro ticket has been well received by the population.

Ricarda Lang, leader of the Greens, wrote on Twitter on Saturday of a “complete success” and advocated a “follow-up regulation”. When it comes to financing, the Greens are ready to talk about removing, as she writes, “environmentally harmful subsidies”.

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In the “Tagesspiegel” she says in a text published on Saturday about the financing: “But it is also true: If we want to meet the current demand in the long term, the transport companies must be financially able to invest and expand the networks. That would be important steps towards social and climate-friendly mobility.” So far, Lang has left it open how this could be financed in concrete terms.

SPD leader Esken also calls for the nine-euro ticket to be continued

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has so far refused to finance the extension of the nine-euro ticket. SPD leader Saskia Esken has made Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) responsible for the further development of the nine-euro ticket. “Transport Minister Volker Wissing and his ministry must now quickly enter into discussions with the traffic light groups and the federal states and come up with a suitable proposal for the further development of the nine-euro ticket
present,” Esken told the newspapers of the Funke media group. The nine-euro ticket is a complete success and has shown how great the need is for “simple and inexpensive offers” in local public transport.

The Federal Association of German Bus Companies (bdo), on the other hand, said on Saturday that half of all travel and long-distance bus companies would suffer from the nine-euro ticket, according to a survey. In particular, for school and club trips, the organizers would hire a private bus company less often due to the cheap public transport tickets, it said.

For these two customer groups, demand from bus companies has fallen by more than half on average. In the case of seniors, the third important customer group, the industry even recorded a decline of more than two-thirds on average. The association is now demanding financial relief from politicians.

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