6 Excellent Ways to Instantly Improve Your SEO Rankings


Have you ever thought about what happens when you develop a website and it is not at the top of the Google search results page?

Of course, the traffic does not come and your investments and efforts are ruined. Therefore, the search engine optimization needs to be improved. If you rely on Internet users to discover you through a Google search, search engine optimization is the right way to achieve this in reality.

The top search results on Google have a 33% chance of being clicked. This means that if you are not number one on the site, you have simply squandered 33% of the potential traffic. Even more surprising is that 75% of people do not click on the second page of the Google search results page. The motivation for why different sites are higher up Google than you is that they make extra efforts and try to improve their SEO.

Fortunately, it’s not very late for you to start doing so. Here are some of the amazing ways to improve your SEO and reach a higher rank than your competitors.

1. Improve your loading time

The loading time of the page on your website is significant for several reasons. Most importantly, if the loading speed of your website and web pages is slow, Google will perceive this and it will damage your positioning on Google. Moreover, the slow speed also affects the connection of your audience to your website. Users via the Internet and the search engine are always looking for high-quality user experience and, in this respect, loading time comes first.

Without fast loading time, you can never have a high user experience. How much slow website is considered slow loading time?

Various analyses show that 40% of users leave websites when the page takes longer than 3 seconds to pile up. Even more surprising is that 80% of these users will no longer be able to view your website. This is terrible for your SEO positioning as it ruins the traffic to your website.

But on the other hand, if your site stacks up quickly, individuals will keep coming back to your site. Google’s algorithms will track your site’s popularity and change your site’s ranking accordingly.

2. Use high quality and unique content

How often do you update your website?

If you haven’t updated the content in days, you probably don’t have an incredible SEO ranking right now. To get more traffic to your site and increase its visibility, you need to give guests a few reasons to come back to your site. Another factor influencing your SEO ranking is consistent posting because search engines identify these sites as operational and potential information providers, which identifies with the time users spend per visit to your site as a session time.

If your site has crisp, stimulating, or newsworthy content, it will keep visitors on your site longer and improve your session time and engagement. Now, it does not mean that you can copy the content from other sites and use it on one of your sites to provide more content and consistency.

Google never allows websites to use the copied articles on its website, and in this scenario, you should remain original with your content. To avoid this, you should uniqueness in your content by online plagiarism checker with percentage before posting your content.

Whitehat seo technique

3. Internal and external link for your website

To make your content more valuable and engaging, you can link to some of the high-level sites to get additional information about your topic that your target audience can use.

When you back-link sites with high domain authority, you not only increase the relevance of your content and the time users spend on your site, but it is also accepted to give Google confidence marks and improve SEO positioning.

But keep in mind that an excessive number of outgoing links can be distracting and make it difficult to read the content, as it reduces the readability of the article.

Internal links are important because they allow the user to navigate to another page of your site, giving the user more time to visit your site. Google always prefers the internal link because it wants your site to be sufficiently informative for visitors to skip it and find another site.

4. Social Media Marketing

The amount of Facebook shares, Tweets, Pinterest pins, and other web-based media can affect SEO rank. Introducing social sharing options as a button on your site not only makes it easy for customers to share your information, and in that sense improves the customer experience, it can also help you position yourself higher in the search engine.

Social sharing also helps to boost buying behavior: almost 4 in 10 Facebook customers say they no longer like, share or comment on an item, but buy it, while 43% of web-based media customers have bought an item after sharing or loving it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

5. On-Page SEO

While title tags are still important for SEO purposes, meta descriptions have lost their effect in ranking factors, but meta descriptions provide an ideal place to apply some eligibility to enhance the experience by persuading the user to click on the link of your website in the search result.

Excessively short or excessively long titles and descriptions can hurt SEO, therefore it is ideal to conduct a review of your website to detect any enormous problems with these practices.

6. Refresh the sitemap on Google

A sitemap is a navigation that is sent to Google’s web console to make it easier for crawlers to know every single page of your website.

Once you have completed the development and modification of your site, make sure that web crawlers realize that you have updated the site. You should simply create a sitemap that can be created on the Web or via a site module for free. At this point, create a Google Webmasters account, connect your site, and then use the guidelines to upload your sitemap. This is just an updated and incredibly unique list of chapters that helps understand web indexes and organize your site amazingly better.

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