59.3% of European adults are overweight or obese



Experts urge that the European Union officially recognize obesity as a disease to facilitate its approach in public health.

(1-3-2022). About 60% of the European adult population is overweight. A problem that in Spain represents 9.7% of health spending. The European Parliament demands that obesity be recognized as a disease.

The data is conclusive: according to the most recent statistics, 59.3% of adults in Europe are overweight or obese. Which in Spain means that 44% of men and 31% of women are above their recommended weight, with 25% of men and 23% of women reaching the obesity limit. This situation is not only a personal problem, but also a significant burden for the Health System itself, since overweight and obesity currently represent 9.7% of health spending in Spain.

In a recent working session of the European Parliament Interest Group on Obesity and Resilience of Health Systems, the growing seriousness of the situation was put on the table, and the need for the European Union to officially recognize it as a disease to facilitate its public health approach.

world obesity day

Precisely to help spread awareness of the problem, and the need to tackle it head-on, the World Obesity Federation organizes World Obesity Day every March 4. This year, its motto is going to be “Everyone has to act”, which alludes to the need to convince the entire world that each one, as far as possible, should do their bit to improve understanding, prevention and treatment of obesity in the world.

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