5 Best Ceiling Storage Lifts That You Need to Use in Your Garage


Besides the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, our garage is also an essential part of a home because it’s the area we park the vehicles, store vital tools, and use it as our studio or working place. The visuals and structure of every garage are different. Some might be small, and others are quite big for a house. But when you’re choosing on your ceiling storage lifts, choose one that will perfectly fit in your garage’s area.

Selecting a ceiling storage lift might be a once in a lifetime investment, and researching before you purchase one is necessary. You can get many choices in the market and choose the one that will satisfy your preferences. With this guide, a list of handy and convenient ceiling storage lifts will be provided to you. So here are the best ceiling storage lifts that you need to use in your garage.

Steel Garage Ceiling Double Hooks

The first garage ceiling storage lift that you should consider using is the Steel Garage Ceiling Double Hooks. This durable storable storage lift can free up space, declutter the garage, and store multiple bulky items. This metal ceiling storage unit has two different sizes, and it’s coated with powder to avoid rusts in the future. If you can install this storage lift correctly, it might hold weight around 50 pounds. With that, people can store bicycles, rakes, lumber, wet hoses, and other hefty mechanic power tools.

Automatic Electric Hoist with Remote Control

A highly recommended and reliable ceiling storage for your garage that you need to purchase to secure and lift extensive tools or small engines is this storage unit. It features an 850 watts electric motor that’s powerful enough in lifting massive machines and heavy loads. This automatic electric hoist also comes with an excellent quality wire cable that is 39.4 feet, stop bracket, and line broker. Users can also use this lift through the handheld wireless remote control.

EasyGo SUP Rack Surfboard Overhead Ceiling Lift-for Garage

Another durable ceiling storage lift that’s developed to hold large paddleboards and longboards is this one. It has a length of 18 inches, and it’s 25 inches wide, capable enough to keep your boards well. The side of this lift can also hold your 75-pound boards. You can easily adjust the hoist from ten to eighteen inches. The arms are also padded so that your boards are protected and will prevent any damage.

Happybuy Electronic Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

If you don’t know how to organize your tools and small engines, Happybuy can help you solve your problems. This powerful ceiling storage unit is capable of handling around 440 pounds weight of your items. It also features its two-line, which can hold 200kg of capacity and one-line to carry 100kg of power. This ceiling storage unit is too worn and rust-resistant because it’s made from aluminum and iron.

Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack

If you wish to have a heavy-duty ceiling storage unit in your garage, consider this one. Double SUP & Surf also features a couple of overhead racks that can hold weight around 150 pounds, which you can stack a lot of boards while still holding steady. People can also easily install it without any problem. With this garage ceiling storage lift, you can easily manage your flatwares, surfing boards, etc.


If you want to avoid a disorganized and messy garage, you should use the best ceiling storage lift for your garage. With that said, you can free up the floor space, and you can easily hang your longboards, paddleboards, and other essential items. Use this list to know what ceiling storage lift to purchase.

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