4 Useful Tools for Online Studying This Pandemic


In this time of pandemic, online learning has been the main tool for educational institutions to continue with classes. For students, a reliable Internet connection is a key to continuing with their education, but many changes and adjustments are needed to acclimate fully.

So if you’re a student transitioning from face-to-face classes to online learning, taking the time to make the most out of the tools you can get is vital for smooth acclimation. In this article, we are listing down four of the most helpful ones you can add to your bookmarks or ones you can readily download:


Being an online student means that you’ll be sending, receiving, and editing files with PDF extensions every now and then. Having a ready PDF editor and converter is key in these operations, so better have one at your disposal. A third-party PDF application is expensive these days, but if you have the budget for it, go ahead.

For students, a browser-based PDF editor and converter should be enough. Most students would only need quick edits, such as merging, splitting, or converting files like excel to PDF, so a light web-based application will be advantageous. Gogo PDF is one of the many options you have here. It has an array of tools for quick edits, and it’s not a slouch in the converter department. If you need an excellent excel to PDF converter online, Gogo PDF is the way to go.

Online time management tool.

Focusing on one thing can be very challenging. Studying, more so. And most students have trouble pulling focus and concentration. While there are numerous ways to circumvent ennui, one of the most effective ways is to use the Pomodoro technique. This technique uses time management to effectively make the most out of 25 minutes of focus time and 5 minutes of break.

The Pomodoro technique relies on your honesty, so do with it as you please. You’ll be the one responsible for your focus so you decide on how to be responsible with your time. Brands and companies worldwide use this technique for their employees to gain more productivity. It’s also very effective if you’re on a time-crunch and beating a deadline.

Social media blocker.

Social media may be one of the biggest breakthroughs in this century, but the hazards it can bring on attention, and concentration is nothing short of alarming. Several studies have shown that excessive scrolling on social media lessens attention span, can induce anxiety and depression, and affect mood.

When you are studying, you’ll need all of your faculties to fully absorb a concept, a formula, or a theory. The need to check social media every now and then can be great, and so a blocker that won’t let you open social media sites while studying can be of great help. This will let you focus on the task at hand, plus you’ll have better retention on whatever it is you’re studying.

You can decide how long you’ll be blocked, what sites are blocked, and the restrictions if you want to take a peek every now and then. You can readily download numerous free options -a quick Google search should yield the best results. Download any of the options on the first page of the SERP, and you’re good to go.

Online dictionary

Trust us when we say that aside from an actual dictionary, you’ll need an online one for quick searches of word meanings, synonyms,  and antonyms. Luckily, there are a lot of online dictionaries you can choose from, and you’re free to refer to whatever you fancy, but Dictionary.com has some of the most standard dictionary functions online.

On the app side of things, the Merriam-Webster official app for iOS and Android is a great app. It’s free to download for both mobile operating systems, so give yourself a favor and download it. You can use the app offline as well, which is a must for quick referencing. Another great feature is to opt-in on the Word for the Day feature which delivers a new word for you every day!


There you go. Almost all of these tools are free to download. There are optional paid subscriptions of course, should you want to get the full experience. You should get a paid Grammarly if you don’t have the best writing skills, especially if you are a graduating student. Bookmarking the web-based tools will give you faster access when you need the tool the most, so do that for those tools.

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