15 games that make you forget everything around you


Video games have become indispensable for many. Dive into another world, forget everyday life and just switch off or gamble with friends and lose yourself in the game. Which games are you particularly fascinated by? So much so that you forget everything around you for a while? We asked you and are now introducing you to 17 video games that leave a special impression on you …

Video games have become indispensable for many. Dive into another world, forget everyday life and just switch off or gamble with friends and lose yourself in the game. Which games are you particularly fascinated by? So much so that you forget everything around you for a while? We asked you and are now introducing you to 17 video games that have made a special impression on you.

Games that you can really immerse yourself in.

There are video games that are just slow and relaxing. Then again there are those who particularly challenge you or come up with a very exciting story. Each game has its own charm and some of them enchant you so much that you forget everything else around you. You told us which games trigger that for you and these come from different genres.

We introduce you to 15 of the answers.

God of War is an action adventure on a grand scale. The series started in 2005. The fans especially liked the game from 2018. So does GIGA reader Calo Nicosia:

"The details in the game are just unique".

I'm sure some people will agree with him.

The Assassin's Creed video game series belongs to the action-adventure genre. Black Flag was released in 2013 and captured the hearts of fans with pirates, ships and lots of action. This also cast a spell over GIGA reader Patrik Bruns:

“It was at Black Flag. Because just the Caribbean, pirates, ships. I still play it today. I like to be a pirate. "

theHunter is an atmospheric simulation that emphasizes a particularly realistic and visually breathtaking world. An atmospheric single player campaign as well as a hunting experience with friends await you. Our editor Robert is fascinated by this game:

"In the game I pay such close attention to every sound, every broken branch and every small movement in the field of vision of my binoculars that I have no more brain capacities free to concentrate on anything else."

Red Dead Redemption is an open world action adventure game . RDR2 is set after the end of the Wild West in 1899. You slip into the role of Arthur Morgan, commit crimes or help other people. In addition to the story, the graphics are also inspiring.

"I love the story and the graphics," says GIGA reader Sarah Röhling.

The Mass Effect series started in 2007 and has had a large fan base ever since. The action role-playing game received a 4K remake in 2022 and once again focuses on the legendary Captain Shepard. For GIGA reader Florian Grube, one of the games that help him forget everyday life:

“There are too many games. Mainly for me it's the Metal Gear series, Mass Effect Trilogy, the Assassin's Creed series, the Uncharted series, Death Stranding and a few more. Especially when I've had too much stress and maybe have the time to gamble, I can forget my worries and just switch off and enjoy the stories. "

The simulation game series The Sims has taken fan hearts by storm. The reason for this are the countless possibilities that the game offers. Do you want a huge house? A career as a thief or having babies at a time? The Sims makes everything possible and everyday life in the game is often more fun than the real one. This is also how our video editor Maximilian feels:

"The Sims. Because personal hygiene, housekeeping and social contacts can sometimes seem more rewarding in a virtual way than in reality. "

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based action game . You compete with your team against another and naturally try to emerge as the winner. You can play that with strangers as well as with friends and GIGA reader Jan Papendorf is also enthusiastic about it:

"Because then I'll dive into the game with my team."

This life simulation is all about relaxing and building your island the way you like it. A museum, friends, joint activities – your options are almost limitless. GIGA reader Daniela Mar particularly appreciates the calm in the game:

“Especially when the world around me sinks into chaos, I enjoy playing a game in which nothing really happens. Peace of mind on screen, no adrenaline, no rush, a true pixel antidepressant. Thank you Nintendo. "

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the successor to Jurassic World Evolution and builds on the formula of the management simulation game from 2018. The second part features an engaging new story-focused campaign . In connection with an extended construction system and more design options, this creates an even bigger Jurassic World game experience and that also captivates our team leader for evergreens, Ewelina:

“Currently Jurassic World Evolution 2. I just can't stop building this park. Mainly because there are so many new modes now. I forget to eat and sleep. "

The action adventure Days Gone takes you through a deadly, post-pandemic America. You slip into the role of Deacon St. John, who is fighting for his survival. GIGA readers Sandra and Ronny Benz mainly dealt with one question in the game:

"Days Gone. The story was so exciting and I wanted to know if my girl was still alive. "

The Halo series is one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time, and each game in the series features a detailed backstory. This probably also inspires GIGA reader Felix Rhode:

"I just haven't seen the story and the atmosphere in the game like that again."

In Death Stranding you slip into the role of Sam Bridges and have to face a world that was completely changed by "Death Stranding". You are embarking on a journey to bring the destroyed world back together step by step. Your journey is lonely and arduous, but that's exactly what GIGA reader Mathias Fuchs values:

“You feel so lonely and alone in the game world. Sometimes that's pleasant too. "

The action game Ghostrunner combines violent combat and plenty of science fiction in this single player experience. You are moving rapidly through a world that has already ended and, above all, the speed inspires our editor Sanel:

“For me it's a ghost runner. The game is so fast-paced that you don't have the time to think about anything ^^ You run and jump and slaughter everything. If you die, you don't have any annoying loading times. The checkpoint system just works really well. "

Skyrim is an absolute icon among role-playing games with a huge open world to discover. Magic, dragons, caves await you – everything an adventurer longs for. For some, the game means something completely different. GIGA reader Nicholas Riviera feels the same way:

"Traveling through Skyrim is like vacation to me."

There are two exceptional games in the Final Fantasy franchise, namely parts 11 and 14. These are, in contrast to all others in the series, namely MMORPGs. Of course, the newer of the two games has been thrilling for years, namely Part 14. You create a character, immerse yourself in the world of Eorzea and discover many other exciting places and characters. Personally, I am particularly enthusiastic about the sheer endless possibilities in this game.

“I'm fascinated by the game's extensive story and there are so many ways to experience it. There is also beautiful clothing, great housing and you always get to know very nice people. When I play Final Fantasy 14, I dream away. "

There were 15 games that made you forget everything around you, but of course there are a lot more.

In our comments, for example, games like Subnautica, The Witcher 3, Far Cry and The Last of Us were mentioned and each of these games and each of the series are true masterpieces.

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