10 simple tips to save money


There are products or services that are unattainable if making them depends only on salary To aspire to them, you have to set aside part of what you earn each month, and put it “safe”Accepting this situation will be difficult, but these suggestions will pave your way

Unless we generate enough income to give ourselves all the treats we want, being able to do so will depend purely and exclusively on being able to save enough. Of course, this theory that sounds so simple is sometimes too complex in practice, and that is why we want to teach you, throughout this article, some simple tips to save money.

Before getting fully into these recommendations, it is essential that you are committed to giving up certain current expenses, which will be related to the lifestyle you like, learning to say no at certain times, to keep those amounts absorbed to a minimum.

These minimum amounts, after a long period, will be essential for you to be able to access the products or services that you are interested in or need, so that you do not have to resort to other outlets such as credits or loans, which are not bad as investment, but that are only justified in some specific cases, while in others it is better to avoid them.

Tips to save money effortlessly

set a goal

Setting aside a percentage of profits for no particular motive or reason is very difficult. Surely you will find, all the time, temptations with which you justify abandoning that savings. Since there is no clear horizon for the storage of money each week or month, you will feel that it does not make sense.

Analyze your spending

Now that you know what you are going to do with the money you save, the next step is to thoroughly analyze what items you spend your euros on, being absolutely honest with yourself about the categories to which you usually allocate a greater amount of money. money per month

Consider some to do without

With a goal set for your money, and knowing what your main expenses are, the time has come for you to consider some of the expenses you can do without soon. Mostly people spend more on technology, beauty and food, so look at those segments.

you must arm a perfect engineering to dispense with expenses, without resigning friends or family. You can propose other types of outings and, of course, restrict those that are only personal, without victims.

Split accounts receivable

Each time you get paid, and by virtue of how long it will take you to reach the desired amount, and how much you have to save per month then, separate that figure, and keep it well out of your reach, in a separate bank account from the one you use, or directly in a drawer at home.

Unnecessary maximum expenses

A good alternative to what we mentioned above is, instead of setting aside an “X” number each month, set maximums for unnecessary expenses, of which you will not be able to spend each period. By doing so, you can maximize your savings above a specific amount, either as a percentage or in euros. This is ideal if you do not want to put limitations on yourself and shorten the terms.

Trust some application or web

If you have a hard time carrying out those calculations in the air, you should keep in mind that today there are multiple platforms, both applications and web pages, that allow you to enter all the data related to your expenses so that you can check them no matter what. where and when.

Avoid fees for late payments

Failure to pay your credit card in full can result in surcharges and extra fees. You have to prevent your money from going into it, spending on account nothing more than what you can return with the money you have on hand, preventing that sum from ending up in the trash.

money saving tips 3

Take advantage of discounts and sales

The offers are constant in a market in which almost all brands are desperate to sell products and offer services. And the commercial agreements between different companies make it possible that, if we are expeditious, there is always a good discount or discount waiting for us.

Don’t always have the latest of the latest

Having the latest iPhone can be irresistible for consumers, but renewing our smartphone every year is a waste when the differences between models are tiny. Keep your iPhone 11 and do not spend another 500 euros on an iPhone 13 if you have set out to save. There will be time to replace it in the future.

From time to time, allow yourself some expense that makes you happy

Last but not least, eventually make some expense that makes you happy. It is key that you give yourself small doses of happiness to continue firm on your path and see what the fruits of having canceled those expenses are and how interesting it can be to save.


As you can see, saving is possible when there is planning behind it or, at least, it has planning these solid foundations for the construction of a completely different financial behaviorthe same through which you will reduce your expenses.

A more orderly economic behavior, in which everything is controlled, favors that ability to savebe it a lot or a little, that all human beings have but that we sometimes forget in the face of the enormous amount of offer that surrounds us in terms of products and services, and the bombardment to acquire the latest.

There are things, material or not, but that require money, that deserve that extraordinary effort.

What other money-saving tips would you give our readers?

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