Tricks you should be using in GBoard


Android allows us to customize a good percentage of its main sections for daily use Regarding keyboards, GBoard is for most of its clients the best option availableHowever, few people know and use some of its most useful tricks. As we well know, one of the strengths of the Android […]

OEM division drives growth for Rotor


The Spanish company Rotor reached its turnover record last year, with 18 million euros. As of today, as confirmed by the CEO of the firm, José Luís García Alegre, the objective of growing 30% this year is maintained, “despite the circumstances”. (19-8-2022). Rotor continues on a roll this year 2022. […]

Things To Consider – How To Switch Energy Supplier? 

digitateam Team

Changing energy providers to obtain a good rate is typically simple and straightforward. Simply request comparison and select the appropriate price for your needs. Certain elements of changing power companies, for instance, the ideal time to transfer, what occurs if you possess a new meter, and how often it works, […]